consent mode google ads

The regulatory landscape is pushing digital ecosystem players to comply with the GDPR. With Apple's iOS 14 update and the phasing out of cookies planned for this year, Google has introduced Consent Mode to help advertisers track the performance of their campaigns while respecting users' privacy. In this article, our experts explain the benefits of Consent Mode and how to integrate it into your Google Ads campaigns.

how to create a buyer persona

You are wondering how to have the right messages for your target audience ? At Eminence, we create personas to help you offer solutions that meet the needs of your audience. Understanding these personas will allow you to communicate effectively with your audience and send relevant messages that meet their expectations. To offer a solution that meets the needs of your clients, it's important to understand their profile, issues, consumption habits, and way of thinking. By accurately identifying these factors, you'll be able to offer a relevant offer that meets your clients' expectations.

How do you measure performance with KPI?

Determining the appropriate KPIs is critical to assessing and optimizing the effectiveness of your digital initiatives. These criteria are used at all levels of an organization. KPIs are organised and assess long-term objectives, while monitoring short-term daily objectives. So, how do you establish your key success indicators? Our specialists tell you everything in the following sections.