how to create a buyer persona

How to create your Buyer personas?

  •   1 June 2023

You are wondering how to have the right messages for your target audience ? At Eminence, we create personas to help you offer solutions that meet the needs of your audience. Understanding these personas will allow you to communicate effectively with your audience and send relevant messages that meet their expectations. To offer a solution […]

How do you measure performance with KPI?

How to set KPIs for better performance?

  •   11 May 2023

Determining the appropriate KPIs is critical to assessing and optimizing the effectiveness of your digital initiatives. These criteria are used at all levels of an organization. KPIs are organised and assess long-term objectives, while monitoring short-term daily objectives. So, how do you establish your key success indicators? Our specialists tell you everything in the following sections.

How is technology affecting our culture

How is technology affecting our culture?

  •   22 March 2023

Blockchain, drones, IoT, robots, VR, AR, MR, etc. All these new technologies surround us or are already part of our daily lives. Let’s see how companies can take advantage of this wave of innovation for a better customer experience across channels.

What is a benefit of using conversions API?

The positive impact of Conversions API on your performance

  •   19 May 2022

The Facebook Pixel is a very valuable tool for tracking business data on Facebook even though its effectiveness has decreased over the past few years. To overcome this lack of effectiveness, Facebook created the Facebook Conversions API to support the pixel and get more complete data. 

How to use Google Ads Performance Max campaigns to boost your conversions?

How Google Ads Performance Max helps you boost conversions

  •   24 March 2022

Google recently introduced a new type of automated campaign called Performance Max. The goal of these campaigns is to optimize your performance across the entire Google Ads inventory from a single campaign using machine learning. In this article, our experts explain the importance of these campaigns to improve your conversions on all Google channels.