data driven for e-commerce

There is no doubt that shopping habits have changed since the pandemic. According to a survey conducted by KPMG among 1,051 Swiss people in 2021, more than 40% of people surveyed buy online. Almost half of them find online shopping convenient, comfortable and easy, and 43% of respondents say they buy online several times a month. Data-driven marketing is based on obtaining information about consumers and their behaviour, trends, the sector, and the market in which a company operates. A Data-Driven strategy is based on taking into account what consumers buy on a site and how they navigate to the products they are interested in.

Google Ads offers a new way to measure offline leads

To help businesses gain more accurate data about their consumers' buying journey, Google Ads recently introduced a new feature called "Advanced Lead Conversion Tracking." This feature allows advertisers to measure offline conversions from their campaigns. The goal of Advanced Conversions for Leads is to track consumers’ activity and leverage their data across different touchpoints.