4 types of Data Analytics

The 4 types of Data Analytics

  •   23 August 2023

In the digital realm, data has become a major asset, both commercially and financially. Consequently, collecting, storing, and analysing data has become a key factor for success in generating growth for any business in its market.

data-driven strategy

What is a Data-Driven strategy?

  •   19 July 2023

The explosion, accessibility, and appeal of data have opened up new possibilities for businesses through their use in the field of marketing. Thanks to the valuable customer information collected, data-driven marketing strategies have emerged, radically transforming traditional methods.

consent mode google ads

Google Consent Mode – an effective way to keep track of your ads performance

  •   8 June 2023

The regulatory landscape is pushing digital ecosystem players to comply with the GDPR. With Apple’s iOS 14 update and the phasing out of cookies planned for this year, Google has introduced Consent Mode to help advertisers track the performance of their campaigns while respecting users’ privacy. In this article, our experts explain the benefits of Consent Mode and […]

From Big Data to Smart Data in the banking sector

From Big Data to Smart Data in the banking sector

  •   13 October 2022

Now present in all sectors of activity, Big Data had its glory years in the 2010s, giving way to Smart Data in recent years. The explosion of data collected through the web and other digital media has prompted companies to find solutions to exploit all this information and generate value. The global Big Data market […]

data driven for e-commerce

How to establish a winning Data-Driven strategy for your E-commerce?

  •   25 August 2022

There is no doubt that shopping habits have changed since the pandemic. According to a survey conducted by KPMG among 1,051 Swiss people in 2021, more than 40% of people surveyed buy online. Almost half of them find online shopping convenient, comfortable and easy, and 43% of respondents say they buy online several times a […]

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