website budget

Our tips to estimate the cost of creating a website

  •   21 September 2023

Nowadays, having a strong online presence is essential for any business looking to expand its reach and grow its operations. Whether you’re a growing company, an independent entrepreneur, or even an artist seeking to share your work with the world, creating a website is often the first step toward achieving this goal. However, one aspect […]

which is the best Shopify versus Magento

Shopify vs Magento – The clash of digital titans

  •   25 May 2023

Enter the virtual arena, where two giants of the e-commerce world are preparing to wage a merciless battle to determine which is the best performer. On the one hand, we have Shopify, the ace of the game, with its ease of use and its array of ready-to-use tools. On the other side is Magento, the […]

how to choose the best cms

Choosing the right CMS: a crucial step in your web strategy

  •   28 November 2022

1.92 billion… This is the impressive number of websites existing worldwide in 2022 according to Internet Live Stats! However, this data should be put into perspective, because the number of sites still active is estimated at 200 million.

latest web design trends

The latest design trends for website creation

  •   1 September 2022

The design of a website is important for several reasons: visitors to your website will feel emotions as they browse through it such as respect, frustration, annoyance, excitement, etc. The design of your website can also give visitors information about your seriousness and reliability. In short, the design of a website plays a major role […]

Google Search: Continuous scrolling now available

Google Search: Continuous scrolling now available

  •   9 December 2021

Google has recently announced a new continuous scroll feature that should bring some changes to the search, to improve the user experience. Let’s discover together in this article the advantages of a continuous scroll and its impact on your SEO.