The latest design trends for website creation

latest web design trends

The design of a website is important for several reasons: visitors to your website will feel emotions as they browse through it such as respect, frustration, annoyance, excitement, etc. The design of your website can also give visitors information about your seriousness and reliability.

In short, the design of a website plays a major role in the success of your business! That is why it is more than essential to give as much importance to the design as to the content of a website.

In this regard, a study conducted by Google Research has shown that when a user visits a site, he or she will form a first impression in only 0.05 seconds!

As for Stanford University, it conducted a three-year study among 4,500 Internet users on the subject. The results are impressive: more than 75% of those questioned assessed the credibility of a company based on the design of its website.

It is also worth noting that most internet users visit a website from their smartphone or tablet, so it is essential to consider web design on all digital platforms.

At Eminence, we are committed to keeping our readers up to date with the latest trends in all things digital.

In this article, we will look at what’s new in website design, also known as web design. Here is a quick overview of the latest trends.

What are the future trends for web design?

Humorous websites

If your sector allows it, adding a humorous touch to your website is always a good idea. People will want to stay longer on your site and will not hesitate to come back. As a company, you stand out from your competitors and it’s a fun way to get your business off the ground.

An interactive website

Most users log on to apps and websites from their smartphones. What if you took the way apps work as a reference for designing your website? On an app, the visitor can interact and have unique dynamic experiences through animations. The idea is becoming popular with web designers.

Display the places that matter to you

We often see photographs of landscapes or places in general on websites. These photos are often not related to the business or subject matter of the site.

The trend now is to add places that matter to you on your website. The advantage is that you get closer to your audience by sharing something intimate with them.

Art deco designs are making a comeback

Art deco design
Art deco designs

Although geometric patterns are still widely used, the art deco style of the 1920s-30s is coming back to websites. This rather minimalist and uncluttered style can provide an aesthetically pleasing experience for your visitors. It plays with clean curves, repetitive shapes, symmetry, and, all in all, a welcomed simplicity in the result.

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Typography is becoming more and more prominent

Typography design
Typography design

For some time now, the typography on websites has been increasing. What is new is that it is taking up more and more space, making it a graphic element in its own right. We will find words or whole sentences that take up almost the entire page and overlap with other elements on the page. This typeface is perfectly suited to websites with a sophisticated and minimalist tone.

Collage illustrations

Collage illustration
Collage illustration

Collages are increasingly used to illustrate a website. They have the advantage of alleviating the illustrations with the white spaces between each element. Moreover, with a collage, you can incorporate several ideas in the same place.

Do not hesitate to mix shapes, patterns, and colors for more effect.

Abstract illustrations

Abstract illustrations
Abstract illustrations

Abstract illustrations offer a more natural and sophisticated look and are becoming increasingly popular in web design. They have softer lines and variations in thickness that give more depth to your website design.

How to create an attractive web design and achieve your business goals?

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Color gradients

Color gradients
Color gradients

The use of color gradients creates a dynamic effect and gives texture to your website. You can use color gradients to fill in your logo or navigation menu text, for example, or as a background for your website. You can choose a color gradient as well as a black and white gradient.

The rise of glassmorphism

Glassmorphism design
Glassmorphism design

Have you heard of glassmorphism? This trend is gaining momentum in the world of web design and is becoming an essential part of your website design. Glassmorphism combines transparency, blur, and movement, and gives the impression that page elements are made of glass or crystal.
In conclusion 

The world of web design has not finished surprising us and other innovations are regularly created for the greater joy of Internet users. By adapting your website to the latest trends, you will increase your chances of generating visits and loyalty from your visitors, who will enjoy browsing your site more and, above all, generate more profits. The design of your website is definitely an aspect to consider and Eminence’s web designers are here to advise you on how to keep your website looking trendy. If you would like more information on web design, you can contact us by clicking on this link: