White color : design, color and culture

White: design, color and culture

  •   8 December 2021

White is a bright, brilliant color that gives volume and solidity to objects. The use of this color conveys a sense of simplicity. White also allows other colors to stand out. Usually, the color white represents purity, calm, serenity, freshness, innocence, peace, light, and balance. However, this is not the case in all regions of […]

How do you prepare your site for Drupal 9 migration?

Drupal announces the end of official support for its Drupal 8 version

  •   21 October 2021

Drupal 8 has brought various innovations in the way content and configuration are stored in a database. However, Drupal 8’s end of life is scheduled for November 2, 2021, and the time has come to migrate to Drupal 9 to avoid any surprises. In this article, our experts explain how to make a smooth transition […]

The new version of DRUPAL 9.2.0 is available!

The new version of DRUPAL 9.2.0 is available!

  •   19 August 2021

The new and improved version of DRUPAL has been released on June 16, 2021, with several technical improvements. What are its new features and why is this new version better than the previous one? Here is an overview of what has changed.  Let’s start by introducing what DRUPAL is about.   Drupal is a free and […]

In order to achieve your business objectives, the proper management of customer data is an essential part of a successful marketing strategy.

Why should you implement a Marketing CRM solution?

  •   2 December 2020

Proper management of customer data plays a big role in the success of your marketing strategy and to make you reach your business objectives. Getting a marketing CRM software guarantees a well-structured database that will allow your company to make relevant and coherent strategic decisions.

tips for creating a successful website

8 crucial tips for creating a successful website!

  •   5 March 2019

A homepage brings many advantages and is nowadays an absolute must for every company. It offers customers the possibility to inform themselves about your products and services without having to contact you directly or visit your office. This not only makes it easier for the customer to make a purchase decision, but it also saves […]