Customer journey... a term that we encounter more and more in digital marketing and which can take on an abstract connotation. It describes the journey, or rather the route chosen by a person to find a product or service. This journey is as individual and unique as human beings: some will need detailed information, while others will be more receptive to visuals or videos.

Health sector: how to communicate successfully on social networks

Social networks have become one of the most common ways to exchange and keep up to date for many sectors, and the medical field is no exception to the rule. Indeed, if you are in the health sector, being present on social networks opens a plethora of possibilities to increase your awareness, inform, exchange, or share about you and your activities. The key is to build a communication strategy on social networks that is in line with both what you have to offer and what your audience is looking for, whether professional (B2B) or private (B2C). How to create a community? How to get them interested in what you have to say? How do you create an interesting and rewarding exchange? Let's explore all these questions in our new article.

How to leverage Instagram Shopping to boost your sales?

With shops, collections, stories, direct videos, etc., Instagram has been able to take advantage of the behaviors of Internet users to create a unique shopping experience for different brands. The positive effects are noticeable with 70% of consumers using this platform to get inspired by its content and to discover products before making a purchase. For advertisers, Instagram has become an opportunity to drive traffic to their website and improve their conversion rate, while facilitating the buying experience.   

The Digital Revolution In Banking

The digital transformation in the financial sector is creating a major revolution for the banking industry. Technological progress is enabling banks to expand their services and to meet the new expectations of their customers. Today's customers are increasingly looking for simplicity, accessibility, flexibility, speed, and optimal banking costs.