The Digital Revolution In Banking

The Digital Revolution In Banking

  •   27 January 2021

The digital transformation in the financial sector is creating a major revolution for the banking industry. Technological progress is enabling banks to expand their services and to meet the new expectations of their customers. Today’s customers are increasingly looking for simplicity, accessibility, flexibility, speed, and optimal banking costs.   

Content marketing: why is the key to success for your digital strategy?

Content marketing : your key to success your digital strategy

  •   20 January 2021

More and more companies are adopting content marketing. This technique has become extremely important in the digital world.   So, what is content marketing? How do you implement it? We answer all these questions in the article below and highlight the key benefits of using content marketing.   

Christmas 2020: Consumer Insights & Digital Strategies for the Festive Season

Christmas 2020: Consumer Insights & Digital Strategies for the Festive Season

  •   9 December 2020

The Christmas season is a time when consumer behavior changes. What is more, the COVID-19 pandemic has shifted many aspects of our daily lives. Indeed, many of the new habits formed during the pandemic will contribute to new consumer trends in 2021 and beyond. Facebook IQ offers insights, studies, and research using people, advertising, and […]

The Importance of Creativity in the Mobile Age

The Importance of Creativity in the Mobile Age

  •   9 September 2020

Mobile has completely transformed the way we consume. Whether it’s goods, services, but also content: square videos, vertical videos, less text, more images. Indeed, the rules of creativity have changed with the mobile and this is why Eminence shares its knowledge with you. The importance of creativity for advertisers With Facebook, opportunities are literally at […]

Where to draw the line between content optimization and over-optimization?

Difference between content optimization and over optimization

  •   18 August 2020

Quality content, keywords, tags, link descriptions, etc. Search engines have many criteria for SEO a site, and some of them are constantly evolving.