Bodyline Center Case Study: Generating qualified sales with Facebook’s targeting tools

Generating qualified sales with Facebook’s targeting tools

Bodyline Center is a slimming institute located in the heart of Geneva, Switzerland, on rue du Marché. The center is an elegant, modern, and relaxing place. Offering the latest, new generation treatments and equipment to a B to C target group looking to lose weight. Bodyline offers you a professional experience and personalized treatments. Striving to satisfy each customer, the institute offers its bespoke expertise and adapted techniques to ensure the best results.

The results:

✓ 2x increase in sales, turnover, and brand awareness
✓ 6x more leads
✓ 50% decrease in cost per lead
✓ 58% increase in qualified traffic on the site


Brand context and challenges

About the Brand

For almost a decade, Bodyline Center has been promoting the well-being of each and every one of its customers. This modern center uses the latest technology and slimming treatments, tailored to their client’s needs and objectives.

Moreover, Bodyline Center encourages customized care for each of its clients from start to finish. Providing them with the latest generation slimming techniques and treatments. These effective solutions are performed by a team of experts that have graduated from major beauty schools and who also undergo complementary training on slimming techniques as well as coaching to ensure the best slimming cures for each of their clients.


Their Challenges

To expand and grow their existing customer base. From the very start of their Facebook campaign, Bodyline’s objective was to increase online sales via their website, generate in-store traffic, while improving the profitability of its advertising investments (ROAS).


Our approach: 3 interactive campaigns

The main objective of these campaigns was to generate new prospects, with controlled acquisition costs. For this, Eminence launched lead generation Facebook Ads.

Facebook Lead Ads has undeniable advantages that allow you to achieve more satisfactory results than more traditional campaigns with a website conversion objective.

These advantages are:

– No need to create a landing page on your site

– A simple and easy way to create a form to gather lead data

– A smooth user experience within the Facebook platform

– Good mobile ergonomics

– Adaptability of the form to your key objectives

– Lead ads can be integrated with many CRM systems

In the case of Bodyline Center, three types of campaigns were deployed in order to respond to the strategy of recruiting new members. First and foremost, video campaigns to increase brand awareness among its target audience, secondly campaigns of consideration to generate new visitors and prospects, and thirdly, complemented by retargeting campaigns to maximize the transformation.

Targeting to win leads and conversions

To generate new leads, Eminence chose to target audiences similar to Bodyline Center’s existing clients and website visitors. Demographic audiences were also used to target users according to their interests (fitness, beauty, healthy lifestyle…).

Finally, web users who had seen specific pages but had not taken any actions on the page were also re-targeted.

Eminence’s solutions

In order to maximize the performance of these campaigns, we have adopted several Facebook solutions:

– Audience optimization at the campaign level in order to allocate a maximum investment to the best targets.

– Automatic location management to maximize overall performance

– The use of advertising in engaging video ad formats to capture attention.

This configuration allows the company to reach a wide range of Internet users and to generate leads on Facebook, Instagram, or via the Audience Network.


Measuring success, results, and tools

Following the conclusive results of the Facebook Ads objectives and advertising formats, Bodyline has decided to continue with these campaigns every month. The brand uses the Facebook Ads tracking solution with attribution of 28 days after the click and 1 day after the view.

This has enabled us to double Bodyline Center’s sales and increase its turnover as well as increase its brand awareness.

Also, we managed to multiply the number of leads by 6 between October 2019 and May 2020 while recording a 50% decrease in the cost per lead over the period mentioned to reach 58% qualified traffic on the site.

The Facebook products used:

– Lead Ads

– Audience Network

– Target Audiences

– Personalized and Custom Audiences

– Similar and Lookalike Audiences

– Facebook Pixel

– Video Ads

– Instagram

– Ads in stories