How to manage the COVID-19 crisis on social media?

How to manage the COVID-19 crisis on social media?

Over the past few weeks, businesses around the world have been going through a very challenging time because of      COVID-19. This health crisis is causing a major disruption in the global economy.

In light of this pandemic, companies must review their business strategies by developing a high-performance digital strategy which, in these exceptional circumstances, becomes the ultimate solution for continuing to generate a profit.


That’s why Eminence, your digital marketing expert, is looking at the top tips on how to keep your business going in spite of the current context.


Continue to develop your brand, but differently!

In these circumstances, it may be difficult to pursue an ordinary business activity online, but it is important not to neglect your brand. Do your best to share a consistent message and transparent communication during and after the crisis situation.

To do that, you need to publish on a regular basis to strengthen your online presence by sharing your products, services offered and to show that you are always there for your customers. Also, be sure to create an ad how your business has been affected by the virus and pin it to the top of your Facebook Page. This is one of the first things customers are scanning for at the moment.

We also recommended interacting with your customers, especially during the quarantine period when most of your customers are more present on social networks than before.

Facebook also offers several services to help you strengthen your online presence and improve your sales, such as:

  • Showcasing your products easily via the online product catalogue
  • Managing orders and receive payments on Facebook and Instagram
  • If your company offers services, you can book appointments through video calls with Facebook, Messenger or WhatsApp.


Keep in touch with your customers and employees:

To support your customers and employees virtually, Facebook provides free tools to help you stay connected with them. These tools that are available on Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp can serve as digital showcases for your business.

These tools are:

  • Facebook and Instagram Live: This a great way to proactively keep your clients inform during these exceptional situations and respond to their questions such as how your company will continue to support them. You can even post live videos and stories on Facebook and Instagram to show your customers how you are protecting your stores and products during the pandemic.
  • Messaging: you need to take advantage of this opportunity to improve your messaging experience with Messenger, Instagram Direct Messages and WhatsApp for Business.


It is also a great time to demonstrate the company’s core values and show how they correspond to this crisis. Use Workplace from Facebook, a tool that will allow you to post important announcements, coordinate action plans and provide your employees with all the assistance they may need.

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How to manage your current Google Ads campaigns?

At present, it is not recommended to cut your advertising campaigns completely, but you can reduce your budget to limit possible losses.

During this period of crisis, it is possible that some of your campaigns will be less profitable than others.

For example, if you have an e-commerce platform and during this period, it will be difficult for you to deliver your orders, you must withdraw your advertising campaigns on your products or reduce the cost. However, you can continue running your awareness campaigns.

In any case, the ad buying model is usually based on cost per click (CPM), so you only pay for the clicks generated. Your investments will therefore naturally adapt and evolve according to the search volume of your prospects.

In addition, you can potentially have an even better performances because your competitors are less present due to this situation. Therefore, the search volume decreases, the conversion rate falls and in the same way the price of keywords also drops.

Therefore, it could be interesting to position your company now on pertinent and low-cost keywords.

Eminence, your digital marketing expert, is always available to help you overcome any difficulties that may arise during this time of crisis.

And don’t forget! Stay safe and stay home!