Our tips for successful LinkedIn posts!

Our tips for successful LinkedIn posts!


LinkedIn is your gold ticket to online B2B activity, a powerful social media tool that enables you to showcase your company, share your market news and innovations with other professionals and industry leaders.

In this article, Eminence, your digital expert, will unveil the many possibilities available on this platform. We will look at the cornerstones of how to use LinkedIn for your business and how to make your publications viral.

Presentation is key!

Pay extra attention to your company’s presentation online, especially on LinkedIn. Company profiles should capture the attention of other professionals. That is why LinkedIn recommends that you fill in all the profile fields – so don’t ignore them. The more complete your company’s page is, the more useful it will be to people who then discover it.

This also applies to the images used to identify your company: the profile picture and the background image are two crucial elements that should be used to maximize the visual impact of your LinkedIn profile.

Sharing is caring

Of course, like every social network, it is important that you publish on your LinkedIn page in order to bring your profile to life

Great ways of highlighting your company is by sharing your achievements and accomplishments, links to your blog posts, or even links to articles that are relevant to your industry and likely to interest your community. Remember that your content must be visually appealing.

You can also use LinkedIn’s features such as Slideshare to help communicate with your subscribers and showcase your professional skills in an informative and fun way.

You can also use LinkedIn Pulse, an interface integrated to LinkedIn, which allows you to write content and integrate text, images and videos. LinkedIn Pulse offers an array of formatting features to bring your posts to life

Join LinkedIn Groups

Even if you are a company, remember that LinkedIn is a social network. Therefore, you should use it in this way.

Joining LinkedIn groups is a proactive way to demonstrate your expertise and build privileged connections with customers and potential prospects.

LinkedIn groups are built around common expertise and interests in specific areas. The easiest way to find them is by searching for them, typing specific keywords within your field of activity in the search bar. The goal is to choose the group that seems most relevant to you and that you can actively participate in. You can also choose to display your favourite groups on the page to share them with others and provide a new overview of the network and interests to your community.

Get started on LinkedIn Ads

As long as it is visible, then your content strategy will succeed on LinkedIn.

You need to influence the visibility rate and commitment of your publications. By using LinkedIn Ads, you will reach targets according to their job function, seniority level and company.

Please note that on LinkedIn, an active community is generally composed of consultants, job seekers, recruiters and salespeople. However, the key to LinkedIn Ads is to allow you to reach high quality B2B.

The 4 necessary ingredients to make your content go
viral on LinkedIn!

  1. Quality is key!

The LinkedIn algorithm checks that the publication is not spam, that’s why the quality of the content is crucial.

Indeed, the algorithm establishes that a post is of quality if it is:

– Well written, i.e. no spelling, grammar or punctuation mistakes.

– Is on a clear, engaging and informative topic.

– That it does not contain external links

– Does not neglect the visual side of the post, using high quality images

  1. A hot topic

You must know what you’re talking about. To do this, read articles, news and blog posts in your industry, major newspapers. Check out Google Trends to find out what searches are currently trending. You can also join relevant online and offline communities to stay in the loop.

If you can link the content of your post to a current topic, you increase your chances of making it viral.

Professional advice: it is very important to choose the right keywords in the description of your post to optimize the SEO of your LinkedIn page!

  1. Quote influencers 

In order to create a meaningful connection with other people you know professionally, industry leaders and influencers, you can use @mentions to increase the visibility of your post.

But beware of spam: never quote a list of people you don’t know or are unrelated.

  1. Follow up on your posts

Once your publication is online, your work does not stop there. You must always be present and participate in the conversion, responding to comments and encouraging people to interact with you and mention others to ensure the virality of your post.


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