How to manage your e-commerce during the summer holidays?

How to manage your e-commerce during the summer holidays?

Summer is a calmer period and therefore a more difficult for many e-merchants. It is natural to see a decrease in sales in the online shopping sector as consumers travel and take advantage of the good weather.

Sales increase in late August or early September when customers return to their daily habits and work.

However, this summer period is rich in possibilities thanks to sales or internet searches for the back-to-school season.

This is time that you can allocate by changing your digital strategy or improving your e-commerce site.

Our tips for an effective digital strategy in the summer!


  1. Be seasonal:

According to a study, 93% of consumers consider the aesthetic and user experience on an e-commerce site to be an important criterion when making a purchase decision.

Indeed, they are more sensitive to brands and companies that update their e-commerce site to follow seasonal trends.

Therefore, it is important that the atmosphere of your website and your marketing campaigns are in line with the mood of your customers and the theme of the summer.


  1. Update your product pages :

Take advantage of the off-peak period that summer represents to optimize the product pages of your e-commerce site. To do so:

– Improve the titles and descriptions of your products by integrating keywords on which you are well positioned on Google. You can also do a search on the most used keywords during the summer to identify those that are the most relevant in order to increase your traffic and sales.

– Improve the quality of your images and content by adapting them to the summer season. You can create videos presenting your products to promote your offers.

– Add customer reviews to your product pages to encourage users to interact with you and allow them to evaluate your offer.

– Optimize your site for sales-related searches.

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  1. Don’t neglect your social networks

In summer, the average time spent by Internet users on social networks increases by 20%. Therefore, it is necessary to implement a social networking strategy during the summer.

Instagram, for example, is an excellent channel to use since the trend is to share photos and holiday stories.

In order to properly animate your social networks, you must :

– Create content that connects your brand to the summer

– Use visuals and messages related to travel and warmth to show that you identify with the “holiday” mindset.

– Post promotions of your products that may be interesting in the summer.

– Use hashtags #summer #relaxed


  1. Target new markets :

Summer is the perfect opportunity to find new suppliers to enrich your product catalogue or to review your payment methods, currencies and important languages to add to your site.

Do market and price research to identify new markets that could be interesting for your business.

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  1. Optimize your ordering and delivery services :

During your peak of activity, you may have noticed that certain steps in the order tunnel were not smooth for your customers and prevented them from continuing their purchases.

Consequently identify your shortcomings and take the time to make the necessary changes to improve your services, whether it’s the shopping cart, the choice of delivery method or the payment methods.


  1. Focus on sales promotion:

In order to encourage your customers to buy your products during the summer, we suggest that you offer special actions throughout the year, especially outside of peak periods.

To do so, opt for flash sales and contests to encourage purchases. This is a good opportunity to improve your notoriety and increase your sales during off-peak periods.


In short, don’t neglect your e-commerce business in the summer! There are many things you can do to boost your marketing and sales to prepare for the busiest periods.