10 Instagram account you must follow as a fashion addict

Today and for the first time in Eminence, we will talk about fashion. Yes ladies you are highly prioritized. As we all know, fashion for girls is what football is for men… an ADDICTION!! , in the recent years , fashion became  an integral part of our lives , women spend their time in front of their cell phone searching on the social networks  for the perfect outfit , make-up , bags , jewelries and accessories .  Today girls, is your lucky day, Eminence has found you 10 instagram accounts you must follow if you are a fashion addict. Okay fashion victims, here we go:


If you are interested in make-up tutorials , you MUST follow this Instagram account :

huda beauty is an award winning blogger a business woman and a make-up artist  , based in Dubai , she posts  make-up tutorial in order to help woman boosting their beauty and their self-confidence.


This account offers you daily sources of high-end fashion.


sense of style , as the name suggests, is an account about fashionable style , showing personal  pictures and some super stylish shots of new  trends and glamorous  styles .


it is an account offering make-up tutorials , fashionable hairstyle and trendy clothes .


outfitselfie is an account where you can find selfies of girls across the globe showing their fashionable outfits .


Who on earth doesn’t know about the existence of the famous galleries Lafayette? Girls , today , and thanks to instagram you have the possibility to discover the new campaigns of galleries Lafayette


this account is described as being “Your guide for a daily dose of style ideas in dubai and all over the world.”


this account is made for inspiring you by what the fashionistas’ are getting in the street .


this account contains pirctures of trend styles , food , accessories etc ..


this account contains pictures of gorgeous jewelries , fashionable clothes , shoes , accessories and delicious food.