6 tools to better manage your social networks

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn … are your new communication tools. Essential to the establishment of an effective digital marketing strategy, however, they require a lot of time. So how to optimize the management of all these social networks without spend the day? Eminence has the solution and offers you a small summary of  six practical tools …

  • Hootsuite:

Hootsuite : the Rolls Royce of social media management tools. From this interface you can plan your publications while following the interaction of your community with your brand. Hootsuite comes in the form of a dashboard containing all the flow of your different networks: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google +…. Creating reporting to analyze your data. Hootsuite offers a powerful free version. For optimal use you can try the paid version.

  • Sproutsocial:

Sprout Social is a paid but powerful management tool. It can manage your brand on social networks in a few clicks. Intended for businesses primarily Sproutsocial allows you teamwork. Its interface provides users with convenient options as a central letter box. So you can manage events and internal organization with ease. It is a modern and practical platform, which will make you the perfect community Manager!

  • AgoraPulse :

AgoraPulse is a French solution launched in 2011 by two entrepreneurs. This is an excellent management tool for Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. You can manage your publications and analyze the impact and performance of your advertising campaigns. Agorapulse differentiates itself by offering quizzes and contests creation services. You can also do competitive intelligence. You must try it!

  • Buffer:

With over two million users Buffer attracts more and more people. Flexible and easy to use ,the interface allows you to manage your social networks by planning your publications over several weeks. Gather your Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google + … then analyze your performance with collected data such as the number of clicks or interactions generated by your links. There is a free and paid version. Prices range between $ 50 and $ 250 depending on your needs.

  • Tweetdeck:

Since 2011, Tweetdeck Twitter subsidiary, makes overshadows Hootsuite. Its platform is perfectly suited to Twitter, since its acquisition. The flows are managed in real time. Also from the interface you can manage multiple accounts simultaneously. Only drawback, since 2013, the interface no longer supports other social networks like Facebook. A significant disadvantage when communication strategy spans multiple channels.

  • Google analytics:

Present in all fronts, Google offers free management tool. Widely used around the world, Google Analytics is a reference to help you manage your e-marketing strategy. Google Analytics allows you for example to assess the progress of your goals by analyzing traffic from social networks to your website. Also you can adjust your content based on the interests of registered users. You can customize the relevance of the statistics to suit your needs. However sometimes the results are skewed, this tool is considered with measure.

Finally the choice of management tool should be adapted to your social media. To optimize your digital marketing campaigns and increase your visibility, it is necessary to choose the right strategy. If you require expert advice from one of our community managers, contact us, we will be happy to help you. In the meantime feel free to program the sharing of our article;)!