Digital News : Hootsuite, Facebook and Youtube

For this week again and always new updates, feature in the digital world. Hootsuite latest update allow to share videos through their platform. Facebook and Messenger also have interesting new revamp and Youtube goes 360° video livestream. This is our news of the week.

Hootsuite implement videos sharing

As videos are becoming more and more used on social media, Hootsuite has finally implemented the video sharing through their community management platform. It is good news and add a useful feature on their already time saving (for community managers) platform. Youtube is the big add but there will be more support with the Facebook, Twitter and Instagram videos. Read more here.


Facebook news feed is changing

You may have already seen it, the Facebook news feed is changing. It is still beta on the app and being tested and it is still not confirmed if Facebook will roll out through the app but once in full capacity your news feed will be different and have the opportunity to choose what you want to see. There will be different sections you can click on as sports, food, world & U.S news. You can continue here.

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Youtube goes 360°

Youtube already had the 360° videos, it has also the livestreaming since 2011 but now both are combined for a virtual reality experience for everyone. There is almost no need to go to concerts, almost. Youtube is also launching “spatial audio” for different depth, intensities and distance in sound. Everything that kids want nowadays. More on the business insider website.


Group calls from Messenger

If you are used to make phone calls using Messenger now with your next update you would be able to make group calls. It seems to be working better with 4 persons in the group but you are limited to 50 persons in the group. Who do that anyway? It is very easy to do it. Just tap the phone icon and add the people you want to call. It is available for both Android and iOS and for now it’s only audio call but they are planning to add video too. You can read the rest here.