How to successfully post a binding Tweet ?

500 million Tweets are posted every day, so how to  stand out and create engagement with your community on Twitter? To be seen, relayed and clicked, you must follow some simple steps. Realize the ” perfect Tweet ” by following these tips …

Work on tone, shape and size

  1. To communicate in the best way possible with your community you must create proximity, by choosing a suitable tone. The majority of users on Twitter is young, a study reveals that lightness and professionalism are often appreciated in this dynamic social network. Feel free to be humorous.
  1. Pay attention to the shape! Take care of spelling and punctuation, otherwise your Tweet will quickly become gibberish, you may be relayed for the wrong reasons. Syntax is important to make it clear. Take time to read your post before publishing.
  1. Size Matters! Renowned for its famous 140-character limitation, the perfect Tweet actually count between 120 and 130 characters: let 10-20 characters available for your users have the option of adding a retweet by adding an @ mention.
  1. The choice of words is important, promote superlatives and engaging words. To further engage your community you can publish polls, new on Twitter.


Optimize your Tweet!

To optimize your Tweet, work on content, use links, via URL shortener, and add “call to actions”. To add value to your tweet you can add sources, this will make it more visible and more credible. By mentioning the source in a Tweet you will have more chances to be retweeted.

A perfect tweet still features a picture or even better a video! The ideal format for a post is currently px 1024 x 512! Keep yourself up to date with the latest news on Twitter by visiting our related article.

Gain visibility:

It is essential to work on your hashtags! They tenfold  your visibility and increase your notoriety. We recommend the use of a maximum of 3 hashtags for an effective publication.

To track Twitter  trends, you can use Ritetag or “Curator” which is now open to everybody. This will help you reach a wider audience.

According to latest information, the perfect time to publish a Tweet would be between 12 and 15h, however, it remains subjective. To post at the right time, you need to base yourself on the habits of your target.

If these tips do not help you achieve a Perfect Tweet , contact our agency, we will provide you our community managers who will do that for you!