Real Estate Business 2.0

New technology revolutionizes property sales – let’s take a look at the future.

Have you been following our series of articles about marketing tips in the real estate sector? Good, because then you are ready for the following presentation of technologies that will sooner or later turn over your business.

Google Glass: Your prospect goes on a virtual visit just by wearing glasses. Let him walk through neighborhoods and show him which street he has to take in order to get to an apartment that corresponds to his search criteria. Google Glass reads out loud the descriptions of the property and proposes to call the real estate agency directly. See here how this really works.

Camera360: With this application (available in app stores) you can create virtual visits. The prospect can virtually walk through a property by using his tablet or smartphone. This can have huge advantages for people who live too far away to come to visit a property in person.

Curb call: This is an application that brings together buyers and real estate brokers in real time. The agents are automatically chosen by the application in function of the prospect’s search criteria and the broker’s availability at the very moment when the prospect shows his interest in a new property. With this app, spontaneous meetings are scheduled instantly. Don’t let your prospect wait.

Porch: This application is mostly used in the US. It connects users to craftsman like plumbers, fence builders and roofers.

Insolation: Make sure you invite your prospect on a property visit just at the moment when the sun breaks through the clouds. The simple fact of having sunlight can decisively influence the first impression prospects have about their potential new home.

Autopimmo: This application (available only in French) diffuses your property adds. If you are a French speaker, click here for more information.

You see: 2.0 technologies might soon outrun traditional methods in the field of property sales. What might seem futuristic to you is presently becoming more widely used every day. Do you feel queasy after so much information? Don’t worry, we’re here to help you. Feel free to contact us if you wish a strategic consulting about your digital marketing strategy.

G.L. Junior Account Executive, Eminence