ROPO and digital strategy!

Before we start , what is ROPO? ROPO is an abbreviation for Research online/Purchase Offline. This new trend is part of the digital marketing strategy. This corresponds to the fact that people prepare their purchases on the Internet before going to buy them in stores. The opposite effect also exists.

Integrate ROPO in your digital strategy

The ROPO is the guarantee for the user, or the future customer to get the best offer on the market. By identifying his purchase on your website, the Internet provides information on buying habits. Thanks to this data analysis software that enables you to better understand your target and tailor your marketing campaigns. At  the same time it is a way for your business to retain customers and increase its database.

Also ask yourself the following question: what prevents users to finalize their purchases on your site? What are the obstacles to the finalization of that purchase? The purpose of your website is to convert visitors into buyers. A detailed analysis of their behavior will optimize the structure of your website, product sheets, the shopping cart or payment process. You must raise the profile of your site and make it ergonomic. Especially it is essential to work the call to action. These small teasers are essential in the conversion process.


Work on SEO

Research Online / buy offline. The ROPO strategy requires optimal SEO. Increase traffic to your site and provide visibility to your products is essential. Select your product on the Internet, is the trigger phase that initiates buying shop. Eminence our digital marketing agency can help you work your SEO! Suggest a responsive design version to use smartphones and tablets like buying support.

Reassure your customers

The democratization of the Internet and smartphones and the proliferation of e-business websites encourage ROPO actions. Before buying consumers like to check on the internet. It is a way to validate their purchase through advices for example. Work on your e-reputation on these social platforms, it will be an asset to your business.

  • Blog
  • Promotions
  • Product rating
  • Company information (transparency)
  • Comparison of products and prices
  • Discussion forum

The ROPO is an effective strategy if it is complemented by a tailored media marketing plan .

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