What’s new this week?

In a world where nothing stay the same very long, the main actors of the digital and social media world came with new updates and features to please their users. But this week the biggest update has been What’s App new privacy setting. It was trendy on Twitter and for good reasons. What’s App is going to give away your telephone info to Facebook. If you don’t know Facebook bought the mobile app in February.

What’s App is going to give away your phone number to Facebook

As you know, or maybe you don’t, Facebook bought What’s App earlier this year, so you can imagine the extend Facebook is having in our life. What’s App privacy setting has changed so do yours. You can imagine what it all imply. Facebook would be able to target you in an even easier way. They could also send you friend request from your What’s App contact list. Can you stop that to happen? Yes! But you have 30 days to do it once you have the latest version, after that you have no way to stop What’s App giving your info to Facebook.  Fortunately there is 2 simple options and you can find them on Wired.com


YouTube to become a complete social media

Facebook, Twitter and other social media keep adding video features to their platform but this time it’s the other way around. Is it YouTube’s answer to its competitors? YouTube might very soon be as complete as Facebook or Twitter. This Fall the video sharing platform will roll out its new feature called Backstage on both mobile apps and desktop app which will allow users to share pictures, text, poll and links. There is a lot more about it and you can read the rest of YouTube new feature HERE.


YouTube TVs had a revamp

Are you using YouTube TV? So maybe you have noticed some little changes. To make it easier for their users YouTube has made some useful changes in the menu. You can find several carousels with different categories as gaming, sport, news and many more. You will also find more recommendations.  Of course the first to have this new design are the users based in the U.S then it will roll out globally. Want to know more about it? Click HERE.