8 tips to surprise your audience with an amazing Mobile content

inverted pyramid technique

Two weeks ago Eminence was presenting you 10 exciting advises to boost your Mobile Marketing Strategy in 2019.

Today, we are going to give you an insight into Mobile content and explain you more in-depth the tools for a significant and successful content.

Imagine you are a potential client and visit for the first time your own Mobile website. You should ask yourself the following questions:


  1. Do you understand within seconds what your company is offering?
  2. Do you understand on which website you are and what it is about?
  3. Do you know what you are going to do next?
  4. Do you become enthusiastic to team up with your company and not with anyone else?


If you are able to answer all these questions with “yes”, then congratulations! If not, please continue with reading, as we will give you some effective tips for your Mobile content.

  1. The inverted pyramid technique

Follow the traditional rule of a journalist and ask the 6 Ws.

Who? What? Where? When? Why? How?

Always keep in mind the following factors:

  • Don‘t end with the lead, start with it.
  • The most important info should be in the first two paragraphs.
  • The reader will rarely read your text properly.

 Inverted pyramid technique 


  1. Content is king, or the meaning of quality

The users are getting more and more demanding and the Google Search Engine is able to identify the difference between a good and a bad content.

A successful Mobile content should be well balanced between content that persuades, touches and attracts and content that Google ranks well.

Strike a balance and write for both, humans and Google. Your content should be also in harmony with the UX and UI and guide to more leads, conversions and sales.

  • Write unique content: Your users don’t want to read mainstream boredom, try to be creative for both, Google for the SEO and humans for evoking emotions.
  • Keywords: Don’t forget to include your target keywords.
  • Power words: Add power words, sensationalism, intrigue and curiosity to get better click through rates.
  • Offer added value: Write content that is instructive and helps your target audience. Be generous and share your knowledge.
  • Keep your content up to date: If the news on your website are old, your credibility towards your audience is in risk.
  • Put yourself in the shoes of your audience: With a comprehensive Audit you can define your target audience and get to know their personal needs.
  • Call-to Action: If you don’t ask for something, you won’t get it. Guide your visitor with a Call-to-Action to the next steps. Ask readers and searchers to share and tweet articles (click buttons for sharing on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, etc.).
  • Metadescription: The Metadescription impacts directly the SERP, which impacts the ranking. Write a compelling Metadescription that includes your Target Keywords.


  1. Trigger emotion by adding a picture

You surely know the old saying; “A picture is worth a thousand words”

Pictures have the ability to make us feel happy, excited, anxious, curious and can evoke many other facets of our feelings. An expressive image conveys emotion about your story in a powerful way and gives additional depth to your content. A good image has the energy to create an atmosphere that you want to plunge into it and be part of the whole story.

Moreover, a powerful image can also create a personality for your website and help your brand to stand out amongst the crowd.

  1. Think of the needs of your clients

An other important factor is that you shouldn’t just speak about what you offer, but also how you can help your clients. When you write, you should focus on the solution of your client’s problem.

In practice, this means that instead of writing that you are “the best” on the market you better emphasize “how” you would help your client with his problem. Herewith, you can demonstrate your expertise by providing various informative materials, for example E-Books, Guides, Whitepapers, Videos and other formats.

These contents should conduct your prospect through the Sales Funnel until he becomes a client of your company.


Digital Marketing Sales Funnel


  1. Share your content and make it social

Social Media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram or Pinterest are perfect to spread your content. Ensure that your visitors can access on their Mobile screen the respective Social Share Buttons to easily share your content with their preferred social network.

A significant Blog is a tool which should be combined with your Website as it plays a major role with generating traffic to your website:

  • Fresh content and more pages are worth a mint for the Google Ranking.
  • A Blog will help you to take over the opinion lead in your industry.
  • Blogs generate a lot of traffic to your website and can help to boost your publicity.
  • In a Blog you can perfectly address the information needs of your target audience.
  • Blogs can generate precious Inbound Links to your website.


  1. Use different content types

Although text is very precious for Google Search Engine, you should also use other content types to mix up your text. Some possibilities could be:

  • Videos: In the latest Visual Networking Index, Cisco is telling that in 2020, 82% of the whole Internet traffic will consist of videos.
  • Podcasts: A Podcast can be a great amendment for your content. Two-thirds of the users are listening to Podcasts from their Smartphone. Listening to a Podcast can be integrated easily in your daily life, for example, in the car, in the bus or during cooking.
  • Games: An exciting game can fresh up your content in a playful way and keep your user stuck on your website.
  • Infographic: With an infographic, numbers and figures can be presented in a user-friendly way.


  1. Some helpful tools and instructions

If the display range of your website is not correctly chosen, the font size on your mobile site will be too small and users will have problems to read your text. It is recommended to use a basic font size of minimum 16 CSS-Pixels.

An other problem of mobile design is the length of the headlines. They need to fit on the screen of your Mobile phone without taking the space of your whole screen. Since long paragraphs ask for more concentration and attention, you better have to get to the point quickly and use bullet points and numbering.

To verify if your website meets the basic requirements of the Mobile optimisation you can check it with the Mobile Friendly Test of Google.

The loading time of your mobile site is a critical factor. To find out which factors are influencing your loading time you can check it with Google Page Speed Insights.

  1. Customer proof

No matter what you sell or what your company is doing, potential clients want to see that you have a successful track record and you already made some other clients happy. Testimonials, client reviews, and case studies are precious factors for your Mobile content in order to gain the trust of new clients.

We recommend to take authentic quotes of your clients and place them favourable on your site. To get out the maximum of your testimonials you should write their name, function and company and complete it with a picture. The more customer proofs you have the better you can build up a trustful reputation.

Eminence, your digital marketing agency in Geneva, can help you to create a smart Mobile content. After a thoughtful audit, our experts will set up with you an extensive strategy for your target audience and discuss with you all the necessary steps to successfully attract new clients.