Always Be in Your Customer’s Pocket: Go Mobile!

applications mobiles dans le secteur de l'immobilier

10 Tips for Real Estate Agents About a Successful Use of Mobile Applications

3.8 million Swiss people use a tablet or a smartphone on a daily bases and this year (2014), mobile applications will surpass the use of laptops and fixed computers. Eminence knows: The real estate business is a very competitive market. Brokers thus should not give away any potential sale. To exploit your full potential, don’t miss prospects that are looking for property on their mobile devices.

Eminence, your digital marketing and communication agency, dedicates the whole month of July to consulting real estate agencies about their marketing strategy. Today we give you 10 tips to be successful in the universe of mobile apps.

  1. Make sure there are direct an easy connection links: Assure an intuitive use of your platform and make sure your prospect can contact you via his smartphone or tablet in one click only.
  2. Integrate presentation videos of your offers: the video is the future in real estate sales. In a small video sequence the users get a precise idea of their new place even before they go and visit it.
  3. Show the geographic location of the properties you sell on a map: And make sure the current location of your prospect is marked on the map as well. Remember: People connecting to your app with their smartphone, may do this in the bus, in a coffee with their friends, at work, etc. Make their life easier and show them where they are and what great pieces of real estate you offer in their current surrounding.
  4. Integrate an internal search engine: By allowing your prospect to filter all your properties with a certain key word (“swimming pool” or “wheelchair” for example), you make sure they find what they are looking for as quickly as possible.
  5. Your description texts and presentation photos of your offers need to be built in the way that they still look attractive if accessed via a small screen. Make sure the user can zoom in images.
  6. If a user installed your app, he creates an account where he signs in with his name and an e-mail address. Thus, you have all the information you need to provide him a personalized sphere on his app according to the searches he has done already. Furthermore, you can use the contact information for your e-mailing strategy. (Find an informative article about e-mailing marketing strategy of real estate businesses on our blog)
  7. Make sure your app memorizes the searches your prospects did in the past. Only if you save properties they looked at, your prospect can easily find his preferred object again once he connects to the app the next time. Register his search criteria as well as the results he clicked on.
  8. Let the user save his preferred properties with in a “favorites” category. This way he finds easily again what he liked once he wants to show the property to his family or friends.
  9. Integrate alerts: Use your app to inform your prospect about great offers or new objects he might be interested in.
  10. Let your prospect share what he likes: Integrate a “share” button that is connected to social media platforms in your application. If your prospect recommends your app or your offers to a third person, he makes free advertisement for you. Thus: Transform your clients to ambassadors of your brand.

A mobile application can be a real ace up your sleeve. It multiplies the points of contact with your target group if you make sure the user experience of your application is optimal.

Go mobile

Eminence knows: Developing a mobile application is not easy. It’s not just copy-pasting your internet site into a mobile version. In the end, your app needs to add value to your prospect – if there is nothing more than what is on your website, nobody wants to download and install your app permanently on their device.

Today, users find apps for everything you can imagine. There are apps selling real estate out there already. Make sure, your mobile application is better, faster and more interesting than your competitor’s. Think about graphics, design, user-friendliness and a clear and attractive communication. Don’t lose time and be coherent with the habits of your target group. Go mobile!

Eminence, your creative digital marketing and communication agency, dedicates the whole month of July to give ideas and tips to real estate brokers what concerns their marketing and communication strategy. Don’t hesitate to contact us for a detailed analyzes of your marketing approach or for any information of how you could integrate a mobile application into your outreach strategy. Don’t miss the opportunity to create a mobile application if you don’t have one yet.

G.L. Junior Account Executive, Eminence