Back to the future of marketing

Back to the future of marketing


Imagine, you are in 2030. As you walk to work, you receive a call from your favourite restaurant. After having greeted you warmly, the operator presents you with the daily menu adapted to your personalized diet and asks you at what time you want to be delivered. At your lunch break, at the exact time when you realise that you have just a few weeks left to find the perfect dress for your sister’s wedding, you receive a compilation of suggestions from your communities that matches your style exactly. You are offered a virtual wardrobe session to decide which one suits you best.  A few hours later, when you are waiting for your bus, you receive a notification on your mobile: next week, you are invited to join an exclusive event, a visit to the latest exhibition at the Metropolitan Museum in New York with your group of former university students…

According to the exponential explosion of new technologies applied to web-marketing, this scenario is not so far away. To better understand the future evolution of the marketing world, Eminence, digital agency, has listed some major trends for you to follow.

  • Review your standards and replace the 4Ps with the 4 Es

As a good marketer, you have learned that the basis of all strategic marketing thinking is built around 4 pillars, “the famous 4Ps”, for Product, Price, Place and Promotion. But now, the reign of the consumer has turned this basic principle upside down. Today, the consumer is involved in the history of your brand, wants to be listened to and considered… That is why we are now talking about the 4 Es for Emotion, Experience, Exclusivity, Engagement. In other words, forget the traditional question “how I should sell this product” with “why I should sell this product”.

  • Ultra-personalization at the heart of marketing for a connection with the customer

More than ever, consumers need to feel that they are unique and if you give them the impression that you are addressing them as part of the mass, you will have every chance of failing. In the age of Big Data, information on consumer behaviour, interests and preferences are very easy to collect and use to personalize your messages. However, this will no longer be enough. You will need to innovate and go further to create an individual relationship with your consumers. Starbucks is a pioneer in this field: it is impossible to order a coffee without your name on the cup. The coffee giant conveys a message: you are not just a passenger, you are a customer who is very important to us.

  • Predictive marketing through artificial intelligence

Artificial intelligence also opens a new chapter for marketing strategy. Thanks to the collection of large numbers of data and the emergence of prediction algorithms, it is now possible to develop predictive systems that model and anticipate customer behaviour based on past and present behaviour. In short, the challenge for marketers in the future will be to develop automation marketing in real time! In concrete terms, this means that the marketer will be able to automate a series of scenarios and their content, such as automatically creating robotic portraits of their targets, predicting the loyalty and engagement rate of a new customer, and knowing which complementary product to offer to their customer. In terms of content, artificial intelligence will be able to choose the key arguments to put forward for each of your customers according to their location, age or even language style. 

  • Influence marketing – The growing importance of micro-influencers

In influential marketing, a major trend is emerging. It concerns the growing importance given to micro-influencers or nano-influencers through which brands can expect an excellent ROI. Less expensive, micro-influencers are the champions of engagement thanks to their smaller communities. Their audience is very attentive to each of their publications and they maintain a relationship with their privileged follower community based on trust. 

  • Impact of voice search on SEO

Still at an early stage, the experts are formal, voice research will quickly become commonplace. And this is not without consequences for SEO optimization. In other words, with the famous “keywords”, it is now a good idea to think about “conversational research” when establishing an SEO strategy.  We don’t write the way we talk! More natural, voice search will allow users to make much more accurate queries in less time. As a result, the relevance and accuracy of your content is all the more important! 

  • Video marketing – The favourite content of Internet users!

Video has its moment of glory on the social web. And there is strong reason to believe that this trend will continue to grow in the coming decade. The figures speak for themselves! Every day, 8 million videos are posted on Facebook, 1.5 billion Youtube subscribers watch 1 hour of video and 300 million people use Insta stories. The great advantage of video? Above all, it allows you to play with the emotions of your audience and technological innovations now make it possible to create quality videos at a lower cost. Another trend that brands are increasingly using to engage their consumer communities is live video on social networking platforms. 

  • Virtual reality creates the immersive and collaborative user experience

Virtual reality (VR) has taken a prominent place in recent years, redefining the way we experience the things we see. The real revolution is the immersion of the consumer. Some brands are already experimenting with this technology to create more engaging and personalized experiences for their customers. For example, VR can be used to virtually test products, take virtual guided tours or even offer virtual events to its customers. At an even more advanced stage, collaborative VR solutions will enable a group of users to have a common virtual experience. Imagine, for example, a visit to a museum or a group visit to an apartment for sale.

If you are wondering how to apply these new trends to your marketing strategy, Eminence, digital agency, answers all your questions. Do not hesitate to contact us!