How content can improve your digital presence

Every company wants to make an impression. They want to have opportunities to educate the audience about their brand and what they stand for. To encourage likes on social media and more importantly, visits to their website. But where to start when you’re promoting your brand? How can you attract all ages and socio demographics? It sounds straight forward at first glance. There is so much more. Having a strategy is one of the most important aspects of content planning, knowing that each piece of information you post online will add value to your brand. Content doesn’t have to be full of facts. It just needs to be informative.

So why is content so important?

If you have no online presence, your brand doesn’t really exist. An amazing 93% of the UAE population are active on Social Media, you may have a fully functioning website. But how do people find it online? There are other options such as SEO, SEA and other forms of content platforms, but content, if created in house is completely free.

It doesn’t really feel likedigital marketing. Simply broadcasting your messaging through advertisements is no longer valuable for your business. It’s the quality of content that will really make the difference in your business. Today, it’s important to provide engaging content, interesting stories and case studies; all which of which your audience can relate to.

There are still plenty of businesses that are still adjusting to the idea, with creating the content, because they cannot always measure the ROI on the process, here are some reasons why content marketing is important:

  • Customer Loyalty

Providing good quality, free content that will educate your audience, his will help them engage with your brand. Seeing regular updates of useful information that will resonate with your customer base, will drive them to your website. Social Media is a simple way that will easily encourage your audience to engage with your brand. This will help build a tightly connected community of customers who are loyal to your brand.

  • Knowing your customer base

When delivered through social media, this allows for feedback. It means you can gauge your customers’ attitude and get to know their needs and demographic better. In doing so, it can encourage debates and discussions online which allows you to tailor future content.

  • Improving your SEO and rankings

Eminence are aware of the importance of SEO. Good quality content is a free way of boosting your organic rankings on Google. The more people that see your company name, the more visits you will get to your website. If you decide to generate a blog with quality content and connect it to your brand this can have positive repercussions. Having genuinely good, relevant writing will not only be picked up to educate your audience, but also by search engines as a preferred ranking.

  • Content adds value

There is a new rule in business – that whatever business you are,customer expectations are high. They expect to be bombarded with useful contentto engage with. For useful information that will guide them in finding the right information straight away. People want to go to your website and social media because they get something worthwhile back from the experience.

To summarize, content is one of the most valuable assets that can drive traffic to your website without any cost if done in house. The effect of this, being your organic results produced on search engines. But content alone will not be enough to boost traffic to your website, of course it will help – but having abusiness strategy combining your KPIs and objectives with an amalgamation of digital tools will enable you to be at the forefront of your customers online.

Our Dubai-based digital agency Eminence has a team of experts that will help you define an effective digital marketing strategy to reach your goals