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Content marketing is a marketing strategy for a brand to design and distribute media content of varied nature in order to generate interest and herewith traffic in front of a target audience. Our web marketing agency helps you to implement a content marketing strategy tailored to your business to optimise your online reputation.


In a context where competition is more and more difficult, companies must reinvigorate their marketing strategy to attract visitors on their website. This is notably improving their online visibility with a content marketing strategy.

The content marketing is intended for any brand looking to increase its visibility, generate leads, win new customers and engage a community. To do this, the delivered content should be interesting, useful, informative, attractive, playful and strong value-added. Through effective and relevant content the customer will come to you and not the reverse.

Therefore, it is important to monitor your reputation on the web in order to maintain a positive impression in your community. This strategy focuses on the creation of quality content in order to generate interest and to attract people to your brand and your products. The content can be presented in many different forms such as:

  • Blog articles
  • Newsletters
  • White papers
  • Case studies
  • Research
  • Videos
  • Infographics
  • Podcasts
  • Podcasts
  • ...

The advantage of content marketing is its unintrusive method, which doesn’t bother the consumer at his online navigation because it’s not based on promotional messages from media or from the website of the brand.


It is by creating a strong and well-established content marketing strategy that you will reach your goals. Here are the key steps to help you understand the principles of the development of a content marketing strategy.

The definition of your target audience

To create a relevant content, you need to know in advance for whom to draft it. That’s why you have to identify your target audience in advance. It will allow you to understand their expectations and to find out their habits to present a content, which will capture their attention.

The research of ideas for the content

Once you've got to know your target audience, you have to find content ideas for your content marketing strategy. Start by asking yourself on how to be helpful to your customers and prospects. Also, stay tuned to the comments on your point of contacts and the complaints alongside your customer service.

The planning of publications

If you implement a content marketing strategy, you have to regularly distribute the content and therefore need to establish an editorial calendar to organise your posts properly.


The implementation of the content

The task of writing is to entrust to a web editor in order to get a pertinent and adapted web content. Entrust your content marketing strategy to a specialised agency


The promotion of the content

Nothing else remains to be done at this stage than to share the produced content on the most popular platforms of your clients or prospects.

Thus, a well-crafted marketing strategy will allow you to:

  • Boost the traffic of your website
  • Acquire new prospects
  • Support the referencing of your site
  • Gain notoriety
  • Engage and bind your visitors


Our team of web content specialists creates for you articles, visuals, infographics, images and content for your email campaigns. Furthermore, we create videos or corporate content for your website.

We are also creating content in different languages, to allow you to attract an international target audience and to be referenced in other languages than French.

Beyond your SEO, a strategy for the creation of content on the Internet showcases your expertise and your know-how to hit your target audience differently. Furthermore, it supports your commercial strategy and increases your conversion rate.

Create a real emotional connection between your consumers and your brand with the help of our team of content experts and thus, give a digital voice to your company.

Eminence assists you in writing quality content on your website, blog and social networks. We optimise your visibility and traffic to your site, and guarantee you imminent commercial results.

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