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Cross Data: the heart of behavioral analysis and customer insights


Companies in all industries collect data both internally and externally. In order to benefit from this accumulation of data for your digital marketing strategies, Eminence, with its data analysis experts, uses this information to help its clients generate profit via targeted advertising.


How does Cross Data serve/help a company’s business efficiency?

By cross-referencing and analyzing data from different channels, data scientists are able to identify audience segments and behavioral segmentation that can be used to target users through online advertising campaigns. Indeed, this data is a precious source of information on who their customers are. Including demographic data, data on their interests and online shopping behaviors. Thus, Cross Data will allow you to reach your KPIs and to understand your targets perfectly so that you can implement an effective digital strategy that will generate leads and increase your return on investment.

In short, Cross Data specialists are helping companies identify and target their future customers and consequently retaining them by using a rich and varied database.


What are the benefits of Cross Data?

– Collecting data on your targets to know and understand your customers

– Creating audiences

– Identifying your future prospects by analyzing your database

– Building customer loyalty by minimizing any errors

– Creating powerful personalized campaigns

– Developing a customized experience for all users

– Using this data to identify future trends

– Generating leads

– Improving the efficiency of your sales & business

– Increasing your brand awareness and loyalty

– Increasing your ROI


What is the impact of Cross Data on digital marketing?

All the data collected from consumers can be complicated for a company to sort out and exploit effectively. It is essential to find an easy solution that enables you to set up effective marketing actions that combine Cross Data and the analysis of data collected together. With technology booming, interactivity going up and different screens being used, the consumer’s journey has become more complex to predict than ever before. However, this also constitutes a new source of varied and interesting data that enable us to make new strategic choices. Today, Cross Data has become essential for digital marketing mainly because it enables an accurate improvement in the customer relationship and the quality of online advertising campaigns. Communicating the right message at the right time to your customers has become possible thanks to data analysis.


Eminence, your Cross Data expert, is here to help you use and analyze your customer data to create powerful and traffic generating advertising campaigns.