News of the Week

Instagram keeps its black and white look, does it?

Two weeks ago we already reported you about Instagram new black and white look. It was testing and still needed to be green lit. This new look could have just been forgotten as Instagram never tried to change its look. Since last Wednesday it is officially the case. The new look has passed and is now available for everyone. Does it? They also changed their logo which led to many me contentment and very funny memes and gifs. We are not sure the new update is very effective as for some of us the old look is back on track AND it makes us wonder if Instagram didn’t take the excuse of a new logo to deploy their so controversial Facebook algorithm. You can read more about it HERE.

Snapchat surpass Twitter install on Android (U.S)

Snapchat is becoming more and more popular among the youngest and has now surpassed Twitter install. Analysts even suggest that at this rate it might even surpass Facebook. But it makes us wonder if that even really true. Can Snapchat really surpass Facebook knowing the app is often preinstalled in most of devices now? You can find more of the numbers HERE.


Youtube new messaging tool

This new mobile in-app feature (available on both iOS and Android) seems very interesting if you are an active youtube user. It will be available as a new tab separated of the current “comment” one. It is mainly made to encourage Youtube users to share even more videos with their pals. There will also be a new “Shared” tab which show all your past conversation and shared video. You could build groups by inviting people you know and many more. Read about this new feature HERE.


Facebook new immersive photo update

You all heard about the 360 ° video sharing on Facebook. Now you will be able to do the same with photos. It is similar to the video one. You could click on the picture and drag around from your desktop or move your smartphone around. Downside of it you might wait a bit before to see this feature on Facebook. You should know for now you need to use special equipment to be able to shoot video or picture for a 360° effect so Facebook is for now making the platform friendly for pictures form smartphone.  Read more about it on The Verge.