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News of the week

One of the smartest marketing campaign?

WaterAid NGO has put a smart campaign for water issue awareness and what’s not more efficient than an interactive one ?! Experiential marketing being a valuable way to a marketing strategy this campaign consist in interaction with people while they are mostly naked…yes yes you read that right. Apparently a person is more receptive without clothes. Read more about the Hope Locker.


Don’t become a secret spammer.

Spams are very annoying but not everyone is really aware of doing it. You can meet a nice person share professional infos and you end up in a scheme of receiving unwanted email without the option of unsubscribing. There are many regulations and laws you might want to know, as a marketer you absolutely need to avoid doing it because it can cost you a lot of money and more important it can cost you some valuable business relations. Want to know if you are doing it well. Here is a crash course for email regulations.


Facebook tips for your ranking.

You have a business and its Facebook page that goes along but maybe you can reach even more local customers. Well Facebook recently launched Professional Services. It’s a directory that helps consumers find the best local businesses and services to fit their needs. There is a lot of way for people to use this tool with searching area, which kind of business they need. If you are on top of your game this can be very useful for your business.


Be smart and do mobile messaging right.

In a world where people can’t live without their mobile, more and more companies are investing in smart apps. Even the most unexpected one as Hotel or Insurance companies are doing it. Is having an app enough? It is not. Improving and making consumers’ experience their top priority, they are at the same time giving value to their own brand.