The digitalization of Sephora stores

The digitalization of Sephora stores

Flash Sephora opened its doors in Paris. This is the first fully connected shop. An innovative concept with a refined design. The cosmetic line offers customers a new digital marketing experience. No more baskets filled with creams and other beauty products. The store presents its 14,000 products on a 100m² surface instead of the usual 400m². Impressive right? With the new technology of NFC cards, Flash Sephora has a unified virtual and real basket.


How does it work?

At the entrance of the store, a Nao robot welcomes you with an NFC card. This card is the virtual customer basket. The customer can go shopping and choose to purchase the product directly on the shelf or order it via its NFC code in the scanning. To view their virtual basket, the customer has access to touch screens placed throughout the shop. Once finished, the customer goes to pay in cash. He can walk away with his products if available or choose to receive them later at home. Shipping is free from a 60 euros purchase.


More interaction!

Sephora pushes further the digital experience of its consumers and pushes them to act. Using their NFC cards, buyers have access to automatic sample dispensers. Similarly, we find storage room for recharging Smartphones while shopping.

Digitized advice

Although the staff is always present in the shop to meet customer needs, Sephora is leading consumers to self-inform: for example, choosing a foundation, you can use a color profile. Easy to use you take a picture of your skin, and the software on the tablet offers the ideal foundation for you!


Finally, Sephora offers an innovative experience to its customers. This is the beginning of real e-shops. The connected device should equip all Sephora stores in 2016. It is a fun and practical initiative that should have a positive impact.

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