How to ensure maximum visibility with SEARCH ADS 360?

How to ensure maximum visibility with SEARCH ADS 360?

Our digital experts will explain how this technology will allow you to implement an effective digital strategy. Thanks to powerful solutions such as SEARCH and DISPLAY campaigns, Eminence will set you apart from your competitors to ensure that you become the top of mind brand for your target audience and consumers.

First of all, what is SEARCH ADS 360 (SA360)?

Search Ads 360 is a search management platform from Google Marketing that enables agencies and marketers to effectively manage the world’s largest sponsored campaigns across multiple engines and multimedia channels (known as cross-platform management). The advantage of this is that it is all done in the same network, making it easy to organize and facilitate individual tasks.

Eminence, your digital partner, will be able to simplify your digital ecosystem by creating one streamlined and efficient site that will group all your offers to ensure maximum efficiency.

To establish your credibility and develop your visibility on the market, we implement a full 360° strategy. From your activity through Display campaigns via DV360, consideration through prospecting, native and generic search via SA360, DV360 and a Campaign Manager. Then we will activate the transformation phase via retargeting. Before moving onto the repurchase phase where we capitalize on your audiences via SEA, retargeting and potential leads.

So how does this work?

To understand, let’s look at what SA360 is based on:

– Advanced bidding strategies

Whether it is to increase your revenue or your conversion rates, SA360 offers several bidding strategies to help you achieve your goals.

Auctions can be created automatically through the Learning Machine, or through different targeting options, as well as packages that allow you to customize your strategy.

– Inventory management

Inventory campaigns depend on the feed movements that are automatically updated as your inventory grows.

To ensure fluidity of the feed and that campaigns are working properly, using a feed management tool such as Channable is highly recommended to improve your experience and make it easier to set up your feed.

Channable: an extraordinary marketing automation tool!

Channable is a versatile tool for marketers and e-merchants that allows them to manage their feed and PPC automation. Product feed management means reaching millions of new customers in just a few clicks.

But what is product feed management?

It is simply the process of importing, optimization and updating your product feeds in order to improve online results. It’s all the data in the form of a digital file containing your products and offers to be distributed online, as well as their characteristics and descriptions. It is essential to enter your product information onto a data flow manager, such as Channable. Once your information is complete, you can select on the platform on which you wish to publish your products.

The goal is to acquire traffic through campaign management tools while maximizing your revenues.

SA360 & Channable: The ideal duo for more performance!

This combination can be effective if it is based on a personalization strategy by selecting the ideal products to promote, the messages to convey and the sites to use at the right time.

This 360° media ecosystem must be based on automated, personalized messages to make consumers feel important and unique.

Therefore, data plays a key role in this digital strategy because it enables you to create tailored, data-driven campaigns so that your advertising effectiveness is multiplied.


And you, if you’re a large company and you’re struggling to manage your budgets and want to optimize your strategy.