Everything you need to know About the new Google Core Updates

Everything you need to know About the new Google Core Updates

As part of its ongoing efforts to improve the web experience for users, Google has launched several Core Updates; one in June 2021 and the other one in July 2021. In parallel, the Page Experience Update was updated in mid-June 2021.   

When Google makes significant, general changes to its search engine algorithm and systems, it is called a Core Update. These updates aim to improve the search experience for users by providing more relevant, useful, and reliable content.  

In this article, our experts will explain what these updates are about and the first effects on the SERPs.   

Highlights of the June update  

In the Page Experience (Core Web Vitals) update, Google took into account new criteria related to the user experience, primarily the loading speed of a website and the amount of lag observed when the page loads.   

It is important to note that thousands of factors are considered in the changes in website rankings when a Google Core Update is rolled out. Thus, it is virtually impossible to isolate exactly what happened or what Google was specifically targeting.  

Google claims that these Core Updates will not have an impact on a majority of websites. However, if you do notice a shift in your position on the SERP, Google has released a list of recommendations on what to do (the same ones for every update).  

The winners and losers of the June 2021 Core Update  

With the Sistrix Visibility Index, you can understand how your domain has developed with the Google update. Regardless of external influences, you can see whether your SEO activities are successful or going in the wrong direction. The effects of Google updates on your rankings are also shown very precisely in the visibility index. 

We noticed that in the first two days after the update, the SERPS were rather stable, with average volatility of 4.5, which is in the green zone, where sites that have seen an increase in visibility on the SERP as a result of the update are grouped.  

However, things started to change after a few days after the last update, almost all sectors moved to the red zone (the area where websites with the lowest visibility on the SERP are located), which meant that the core algorithm update had affected almost all sectors.  


The websites with the largest visibility gains were mainly in the food, beverage, law and government, and telecommunications sectors. On average, these sectors gained 23 positions.  

However, while some sectors have seen impressive gains in position, others have noticed their SEO drop. For example, websites in the sectors of Employment and Education, Commerce, and Industry, suffered the largest position drops. On average, sites in these sectors lost about 16 positions.   

What you need to know about the second update in July 2021  

This update is a continuation of the Core Update that began in June 2021.  

The July 2021 update is global, meaning it is not specific to any region, language, or website category. The purpose of this type of update is to allow Google to better evaluate the content and determine which pages best respond to users’ queries. These changes may result in pages that were previously undervalued being favored and vice versa, which means that some websites may suffer declines, while others will see their traffic increase.  

Although many details are still unknown about the recent Core Update from July 2021, you will likely notice major changes to the SEO of your websites over the coming months.   

What can you do to avoid unpleasant twists following these updates?  

To protect your website from algorithm updates that can affect your organic visibility, we advise you to closely follow Google’s recommendations and to constantly keep an eye on your rankings. Besides, make sure that you are always showing users the best content at the right time.   

If you have noticed a drop in your website’s ranking as a result of Google’s Core Updates, don’t hesitate to contact our SEO experts at Eminence to optimize your pages and improve your position. You can contact us by clicking on the following link: https://eminence.ch/en/contact-us/