Facebook Ads

Facebook Ads: a more precise BtoB targeting!


There are over 1.4 billion people who use Facebook. This is the most popular social network in the world. So if you opt for a social media strategy, Facebook is the ideal network to reach a perfect target. The best way is the Facebook Ads (Advertising). Advertising on Facebook has reached colossal figures, so do not  consider Facebook more as a simple social network where we should only do community management but as web marketing leverage in itself.

Why advertise on Facebook?

Facebook has millions of active users per month. So your target is certainly part of them. And thanks to the tools offered by Facebook, you can reach them easily. The equation is perfect but you have to have the necessary budget for such actions. Once your goal is set, you have to determine the exact profile of your audience (the development of personas), for example which socio-demographic category are they from?, Etc. At Facebook we work hard to better categorize this target so that advertisers can take advantage of better segmentation. Touching all users means nothing but go to a specific target and well defined is the “Holy Grail” for any advertiser.  You don’t only hit your target, but   it also creates a real interest in your ad. Your ads are not only relevant but also bring concrete results.

More specific targeting

As we explained earlier, Facebook advertising uses a micro-targeting, that is to say a clear and precise targeting unlike advertising via radio or television. Therefore, the social network continues to improve its targeting opportunities for brands to reach a highly targeted audience. The creation of an advertising campaign on Facebook is easy:

1. Choose for what purpose you want to use Facebook Ads. Example, have more like on your Facebook page or generate more traffic to your website, etc. And then you must choose the name of the ad campaign.

Campaign ads

campaign ads2

2. Define your audience with precision: to whom your ad? You can choose :

  • The location (country, region, state or even postcode …);
  • Demographic data: age, gender, language, activities, center of interest such as movies, music, sports, games, etc.).

You can also reach a more qualified BtoB target but you have to identify distinctive criteria valid for the segmentation of Facebook Ads system. Fortunately, Facebook now offers “professional” boxes like Linkedin. It is  much more easier to hit a BtoB target . You can choose between several sectors (administration, IT, etc.), determine the areas of interest you want to see in your audience and their behaviors, if they tend to use their smartphones more than their computers, are- they administrators of Facebook pages, etc… An extremely wide range of panel to facilitate and clarify the most of your advertising campaign.

Another popular BtoB segmentation is being able to choose a professional or even the name of an employer.


3. In the third step you can choose the budget you want to allocate your advertising campaign and set the date.

4. And the last step, you can choose the creative content you want to use for your advertising: image, video, text and have a final glimpse of the publication sponsored.


Do not believe what they say on Facebook, as what many users now “migrated” to other social networks, and it was all over for this network. Even if that it was the case, this represents a small percentage because Facebook is and will remain the king of social networks at least for the coming years. Facebook offers advertisers segmentation capabilities and targeting more advanced on the web. And now BtoB advertisers have also the opportunity to reach their audience in an optimal way thanks to the Facebook Ads advertising creation tool.