Future travellers will be your Future Clients

future travelers will be your future clients

“lead” is a key element in market activity and marketing of a travel agency especially through its website.

The “digital lead” represents a contact quality (someone who is  interested in your offer), which was established between your travel agency and the Internet. Like any business, you wish that this contact leads to an act of purchase. We call this conversion goal: the ability of your agency to convert a prospect into customer.

Through the website of your agency, there are several ways, called call to action, to promote the conversion, namely:

  • Fill out a contact form for a quote request
  • Make an appointment by phone
  • Online booking
  • Buy online

Optimize conversion rates and convince  travelers as much as possible  has become the ultimate goal of any travel agency, since most people use the internet to organize their travel and learn about their next destinations, compare prices, find the best formula, etc. So be aware attract, understand their needs and be able to convince them to generate leads capital.

Eminence, your digital marketing agency will help you succeed in your conversion strategy so that future travelers become your future customers

Here are our top tips in terms of digital marketing for a travel agency that wants to convince future travelers present on the web:

Reply to technology:

 Your website is your greatest arm on the web. It is your image, showcase your products, your sales force, your booking agent, etc. It is necessary to maintain this technology.

  • Work on user experience

Optimize the access to your website to get  the attention of your potential client and persuade him to stay there  is a technology that is based on the habits, preferences and expectations of consumers. This is a very important measure to improve your website. To learn more about this topic, please see our article dedicated to this subject: “The customer experience at the heart of the strategy of travel agencies! ”

  • Think Mobile

According to statistics, there are more than 2 billion smartphone users in 2015 and 60% of them will not recommend a travel agency  which does not have a mobile site or even a mobile application.

  • SEO

The tourism sector, particularly competition between travel agencies, has become increasingly strong. each agency wants to reach the first page of search results and the main keywords are very competitive. We must therefore maintain your website and always update your SEO strategy, netlinking your strategy and your SEO techniques.

As we have explained throughout our previous article, visibility and notoriety of a travel agency on the web is very important for optimal SEO of your website.

  • Create a blog 

The blog is an intelligent technological tool. Its uniqueness lies in the quality of its content, because it is more relevant and qualitative and it will help your agency to achieve two objectives simultaneously.

– A quality blog content, high added values will help generate traffic. This relevance will, firstly, encourage people to come back to read more about and suggest that your blog has other surfers travelers and  to visit your site to find offers.

Increase traffic to your blog will allow you to gain in terms of TrustRank and in terms of brand image and reputation

The more you inspire confidence, the more your reputation will increase the more you increase your chances of conversion.

Content Marketing:

Usually when we talk about content marketing is thought to directly descriptive texts and paragraphs to develop. Just as travel agency, there is more important than the words, there is the beauty of  “visual”!

Do you know the expression that says “ one picture is worth a thousand words”? you will have to benefit from this expression.

Moreover, according to polls, 60% of Facebook users confess that they are influenced by travel images posted by their friends to choose their next vacation destination.

Also, over 85% of Internet users looking for a trip, decided to reserve online after discovering the destination through videos

So to increase your conversion rates and generate leads, you have to give desire, entice the traveler to temptation, optimize your photos put forward your best videos.

Nevertheless, the text contents are not to be neglected. It is  necessary to work intelligently. Here is an example :

For each destination that you propose, expand  a dedicated page. This page will include the most beautiful waterline pictures of the destination in question, or a video that trigger automatically.  you can also add a text content that speaks of its cultural must-see places, traditions, etc .

once a year go somewhere you've never been before

This method helps attract the visitor’s attention at first. The next step is to project it and let it offer more information through the text content . Finally, it is important to detail the offer with a proposed program, the rates and to highlight the call to action button “book online”!

Action Marketing:

As with any business, every travel agency has its own plan of marketing and communication. Generally, the agencies set up most often a very influential offline communication plan.

Marketing actions in the world of digital are numerous and not summarized by a simple strategy of emailing.

As digital marketing actions that can bring you a competitive advantage, we can mention:

  • The smart e-mailing

As travel agency, you have a qualified customer database to be exploited intelligently. We must set up two lines of work:

  • Establish an action of targeted and personalized marketing that involves

_   an email which must contain useful information and patterns that  correspond to the targeted person.

_   promotion highlighting must be consistent with the travel habits of the target, needs and desires and especially with its budget.

  • Implement e-mailing action to keep contact with your customers

_ You can keep contact with your customers by sending them a personalized email to ask if they had a good trip for example, or to inform them that they will be promoted on their next online booking.

  • The display

When we talk about online advertising, we think of the banners that we see on the top of a page or on the edges. Travel agents tend to promote their offers or promotions through these online advertising spaces. Generally these spaces are on partner websites of the agency, this is called affiliate marketing.

Simply affiliation will not allow you to undertake a targeted campaign. For this Eminence offers the “display” option.

Indeed, the display campaigns techniques allow to achieve highly accurate targeting to reach for sure the target set at the start and this by controlling your budget and ensuring a good return on investment.

  • The retargeting 

You may have noticed that there are a number of users who visit your site, perform the search for a destination,  inform and finish their tour without passing  to the act of purchase.

Today, it is possible to conquer these undecided travelers and help them make the right decision through retargeting.

Indeed, the “retargeting” or “remarketing” will retrace the path of the Internet and then send them a signal advertising highlighting the destination they have visited on your site with added value (promotion, hotels, more adequate formula, etc.)

This technique will  enable to boost your traffic and increase your conversion rate.

All these actions are actions of web marketing that will help you to develop your communication strategies to reach travelers and your future customers, and convince them to enjoy their trip through your agency.

So the question is: where is my target? Where are these future travelers? the answer is simple, they are on the web and search for the information  through the search engines which in this case generates traffic to your site. But does this traffic represents the totality of your target? The answer is No! The web is vast and the most important traffic in the world is not on the search engines but on social platforms, the social networks!

Over 49% of travelers indicate their destination and check-in on social networks such as Facebook and Foursquare.

44% of Internet users confirm that the opinions of others who already traveled have a great influence on the choice of destinations and travel agency.

The establishment of a strategy on social media is a necessity for any travel agency. To learn more about this topic, I invite you to read our article dedicated to this subject.

For that Eminence,  encourages you  to be present on social networks because this is where you’ll be closer to your target heart. According to statistics, in 2016 social media will be the primary means that generates travel bookings and revenue for half of the travel industry.

Just be careful for your reputation. To successfully generate leads and convert future travelers into your future customers, we must implement a complete digital strategy based on the Inbound Marketing.   you will  certainly find the secret to success.

You own a travel agency ?

To help and assist you in developing a strategy for conversion generating inbound marketing, Eminence, your digital marketing agency, offers the following services:

– Brand Strategy

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