Halloween on social media

It is sometimes difficult but crucial to find inspiration when you want to create a good campaign for your social networks. For this spooky season’s we decided to accompany you on this quest to inspire you with good content and creative ideas, for your social media Halloween campaigns!


  1. Decorate your social media profiles or products


This season, orange is the new black. Everyone enjoys this event so bring out the Halloween theme on your social accounts and networks!


Why a good idea?

Businesses adapting to Halloween gain the opportunity to attract the attention of consumers, via event jacking they arouse their interest and curiosity for a topic that interests them and that they associate with a good time. It also gives a human side to the brand that adapts to consumers and their tastes and desires.



Tapatio: In 2018, Tapatio made a masterstroke for Halloween, and found a creative way to adapt it perfectly into their social media theme: In one of their seasonal positions, the brand has distinguished itself by transforming its logo in an Italian logo into Halloween themed ones. The followers loved it and the post was Tapito’s best performing one for that season.



Starbucks: In 2017, it was Starbucks that made a social media buzz around Halloween and perfectly adapted its service by making their coffees … scary!

To adapt to the celebration, the brand created the “Zombie Frappuccino”, a limited-edition drink comprised of greenish and rather ghoulish colors.




Another example: Zombies Skittles, including 5 tasty Halloween-themed flavours (Blackberry Croquemitaine, mummified melon…





  1. Launch a Halloween-themed Contest/Challenge with your company’s


Ask users to post photos of their costumes/makeup/cut-out squash with your special hashtag for a chance to win something from your company/brand.


A good idea! Why?

This allows brands to animate their Facebook page while entertaining, engaging and retaining their fans. By increasing the interactivity and content generated by the followers themselves, the brand community is growing, and the endowments offered to participate allow a direct consumer benefit.



Urban Decay: By leveraging the popular beauy brand trend of Halloween makeup tutorials, this was a great way to highlight the seasonal relevance of beauty products while offering to their audience content that is useful. This is a prime example of infotainment on social media. Urban Decay proposed a contest game for which candidates had to send their Halloween makeup tutorials and the winner was rewarded with products from the cosmetic brand.




  1. Mysterious/scary sneak-peek teaser from your limited collection or a spooky, special Halloween offer


Everyone enjoys videos or previews and grand reveals. Tease your audience with your Halloween special products or services in a post with the appropriate ambience that goes hand-in-hand with generating curiosity and enticing your followers.


A good idea! Why?

Short, tantalizing and mysterious, a teaser will increase the attention of consumers and arouse their curiosity, convincing them to take more interest in your brand and activity on social media. This format also allows the audience to project itself in a playful and dynamic way via their content.



Lush cosmetics:

Lush began the season with a haunting glimpse of their limited halloween collection: With a total of 3.9k interactions in two weeks, they were able to reach their audience organically with a thrilling post of a beautifully manicured hand covered with their flagship product, akin to a monster hand.



  1. Halloween-themed food


Halloween is intrinsically linked to treats and candy. On social media, beautiful photos of products and food that are linked to this theme are truly appreciated and generate a lot of attention.


A good idea! Why?

Making a post of this kind of creative products and content will appeal to users who love food as well as Halloween. This will raise their interest: enjoy it because October is really the only time of year when you can shamelessly post a tray of tongues, eyeballs and intestines without causing any controversy amongst your audience.



Food Network: This BOO-inspired Halloween cake attracted a large audience on Facebook with over 140,000 reactions and 71 million views in just 5 days. Food Network is known for posting hundreds of videos of cooking recipes on its social networks and has probably created countless cake-making videos. The only difference with this cake is that they simply added a “spookylicious” touch.


  1. A Backstage Ride: Behind-the-Scenes


Take your audience with you, in the fulfillment of your projects and at the heart of the atmosphere of your team during this period of candy or spells. 


A good idea! Why?

This adds a human, transparent and authentic side, allowing your audience to feel closer to your brand. This will strengthen your connection with your community.



Walt Disney World has taken this creative approach to Halloween on Facebook:  getting viewers behind thescenes. The video shows the incredible transformation of the park into Time Lapse for the Halloween season. This post was the best performer of the year for them with nearly 240,000 interactions in total. The message was nevertheless 100% organic, proving how much it was appreciated by the audience.

  1. DIY / Tutorials


Whether it’s make-up tutos, decoration, recipes or Halloween costumes, this content is always appreciated by your audiences’ who discover a new simple and effective way to achieve something cool with their own hands.


A good idea! Why?

DIY and tutorials create real interaction and community around your brand and thus generating a key preference with their practical, useful, human and fun side.  Your brand then establishes a stronger connection with their community.




Hershey’s: Its Halloween publication was really relevant as she perfectly exploited this DIY trend by creating a tutorial to show how to make a Halloween bat decoration with their bar chocolate.





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