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As the digital world evolves, with new features, new applications and updates. Brands aim to achieve their goals through social media, by taking advantage of this evolution that causes a change in their consumers’ behaviour. In order for you to stay up to date with the latest developments, Eminence, digital agency, offers you a weekly dose of the best digital news. Stay tuned!

Google for Android gets new feature to deal with inconsistent internet connections.

YouTube, Google Maps and Google Translate all have mobile friendly features, but as of 18th January, Google Search (app) can perform your searches whilst offline! This will save users time when out of signal, as the search result will be produced once the network connection is established without draining battery life.Read More here


Technology can’t replace the human touch

Technology is advancing faster than ever before, there is often talk of automation replacing people. But just because we have the advancements in technology, doesn’t always mean that we want it to happen. Certainly, when it comes to removing the chance of human error, technology is a great option, but for more personalised experiences such as dining and hotel check ins, technology takes away the chance to ask further questions of the service. Read more here


Google’s Cloud Platform gets a new key management service

Google is launching a new key management service for its Cloud Platform, which will help enterprises especially in the likes of thehealthcare and banking industries — create, use, rotate and destroy their encryption keys in the cloud. Google itself already encrypts all of the data on its platform by default. But if a business needs more control over its keys to rotate and manage them, the Cloud KMS service is recommended for them. Read More here


LG‘s trying so hard to make sure its next phone doesn’t explode

The must-have smartphone for 2017 doesn’t have new and improved features, a stronger camera, or extended battery life; it just won’t explode. The experts at LG have re-evaluated their design and have gone back to the drawing board to create a new model that will launch at the mobile world Congress next month. The G6 will be marketed as a safe to use option for users, as the model has under gone a series of tests that exceed international standards. Read More here.