Are you Ready for a Revolution in the Real Estate Business?

marketing digital et le secteur immobilier

Digital marketing is the key to an increase in sales in the real estate business. Are you still using expensive newspaper ads and other traditional marketing strategies? It’s time to change. This month, EMINENCE presents digital marketing for real estate agencies in a nutshell.

Today people pay their bills online, order everything from shirts to sushi on the internet and even spend their free time surfing the World Wide Web. To find a new apartment, they don’t make an exception. 43% of the Swiss internet users say they exclusively search online platforms to find what piece of real estate they are looking for. In Dubai, a startling 80% use the internet for property research. Thus, improving your digital marketing strategy promises to be the one solution that most effectively boosts your sales.

EMINENCE devotes the whole month of July to the analysis of successful marketing strategies in the sector of the real estate business. Due to our expertise and experience in online marketing, we are going to provide free strategic advice for real estate agencies and consult managers about the online positioning of their firms. We acquired vast knowledge of how to improve sales in the real estate business due to various successful projects. Some of our clients are CGI IMMOBILIER (Geneva), SPG Intercity (Geneva), Schofield & Partners (Geneva), and 24Seven (Dubaï).

Don’t hesitate to contact us if you want us to have a close look at your online marketing strategy. In the meanwhile, from now until the end of July, we will publish a variety of articles about digital marketing and how it will help you grow. In this series we are going to tackle the following topics:

  • Find out how Swiss internet users act on online platforms which sell real estate. Get to know how your client finds you.
  • Learn how to increase the traffic on your web page. That is: Find a way to increase the number of people who consult your page.
  • Find out how you put in place an efficient e-mailing strategy to touch base with new potential customers and to make sure your current clients stay uncompromised.
  • Learn about the secret of SEO and become more visible on online platforms – for free. Find out how your firm appears on the first page of Google Search.
  • Detect your potential to increase the number of customers by being present on mobile applications.
  • Get to know how and why blogging helps you to increase your sales.
  • Find out how important social networks are in the real estate business.
  • If you work in the region of Geneva, find out in what way the luxury sector of the real estate business is particularly important and how it can be the key to your success.
  • Learn about the newest technological trends in the area of the real estate business.

After all, don’t hesitate to regularly consult our blog as well as our social media profiles until the end of the month. Please, be prepared for surprises.

If you wish a deep analysis of your online marketing strategy, feel free to contact us to speak with our specialist in strategic marketing in the sector of real estate management.