Love is in the air – Do you know why Valentine’s Day became the day of lovers?

Today it’s Valentine’s Day! All over the world, Valentine’s Day is considered as the day of love. Love letters are written, chocolate boxes are sent out to beloved ones and many other surprises are prepared to seduce and surprise each other.

But why? Who is Saint Valentine? And why do we celebrate Saint Valentine on the 14th of February?

The legend of Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is inspired by the legend of the bishop Valentine of Terni, who lived in the third century in Italy. During this time, the humble bishop married couples who had fallen in love with each other, despite the imperial order, which didn’t allow the Christian marriage of couples. Legend has it, that all marriages conducted by the bishop Valentine where blessed by a lucky star and lasted a lifetime.

The story goes, that as a sign of love and as part of the wedding ceremony, Valentine of Terni gave flowers to the couples from his own flower garden. On the 14th February 269, Valentine was decapitated upon the order of emperor Claudius II due to his Christian faith. Only 100 years later, in 496, was Valentine canonized by bishop Gelasius who declared the 14th February as the day of Saint Valentine, in honour of the devoted work of Valentine of Terni.

Valentine’s Day nowadays

For more than hundred years, Valentine’s Day has been celebrated worldwide. This day dedicated to the lovers has become commercialised since then. Perfumes, chocolates, and of course red roses have become popular gifts.

And today in the digital age, what is trending?

Eminence, your digital marketing pioneer, successfully active in the market and celebrating its 10th anniversary this year, has put together some romantic and refreshing Valentine’s Day elements for you.

Social Media Campaigns for Valentine’s Day

For companies and brands, Valentine’s Day is an excellent opportunity to increase their ROI with a creative campaign, focusing on friends, family and beloved ones to run a successful campaign on this very special day that celebrates love.

We have selected some Social Media campaigns, which we find particularly successful:

Omaze – combines Valentine’s Day with a charity purpose

Omaze, a platform for charities to raise money, created a video clip for Valentine’s Day to raise money for the W.E. CAN LEAD charity. As a celebrity they choose actor Idris Elba who talks to kids about love and dating. This clip is so spontaneous, heart-warming and funny, have a look at it:


Body Shop – celebrating Valentine’s Day with a kissing contest

Body Shop launched a kissing contest on Instagram with the hashtag #SendingAKiss encouraging their Instagram followers to send in photos of themselves blowing a kiss to a friend. The winner will get a gift pack of fruit-scented lip balms.


Nina Ricci Perfumes – best friends over boyfriends

Nina Ricci took a whole new approach to their Valentine’s campaign on Instagram. Celebrating the power of women instead of the usual pressure of finding a date. They created the hashtag #MyBestValentine. Nina Ricci encourages their customers to send in photos of best friends with and their perfume showcasing them across their Social Media platforms.


Google – the power of storytelling images

Google highlighted the power of storytelling through images. A romantic story is told from beginning to end with nothing more than a Google search bar and popular search terms from users. This is an amazing Valentine’s campaign, a story, which is both, simple and sophisticated:

Did you know? Valentine’s Day around the globe

Different countries – different customs. We have searched around the world and found different customs and peculiarities that take place on Valentine’s Day:

Great Britain

In the UK, writing anonymous love peoms to loved ones is a long standing romantic tradition, known as “Valentine’s Greeting”.


In Japan, around 20% of the yearly chocolate turnover is generated on the 14th February. Women are principally the ones who give gifts, not only to their loved ones, but also to their bosses as well.

United Arab Emirates

On 14th February 2013, the biggest flower garden with the largest butterfly house in the world, called the Miracle Gardens was opened. This incredible place extends for around 72’000 m2, which equates to about 72 football fields. Since then the Miracle Garden has become a very popular location where lovers go to celebrate Valentine’s Day.


In this country, lovers mostly make each other gifts in the form of red roses or chocolates.


A special Valentine’s custom from Italy is becoming more and more popular in other countries. Lovers fix padlocks onto bridge railings, padlocks with their initials or pictures. Once the padlock is locked, the keys are thrown in the water. The padlock symbolizes the lovers’ eternal love.


The 14th February is a day dedicated to friendship in Finland. On this particular day, people often make anonymous presents, like cards or other gifts to those they appreciate and love.

How do you reach your target audience on Valentine’s Day?

Campaigns for Valentine’s Day are a proven method to reach fans and followers on an emotional level and thereby generate high engagement. With a long-standing experience in the digital world, Eminence, has the necessary know-how to conceptualize your Social Media campaigns and successfully implement them into social networks. At the same time, we stand by your side, with advice and assistance as a competent partner, not only on Valentine’s Day but also for other campaigns and projects that you care about. We strive to implement the best digital campaigns to ensure fruitful business is generated.