The cellphone as the only tool for placing orders for Millenials

The mobile as a control centre for the Z-generation

The importance of mobile devices and connected objects in our digital world is increasing. As a result, we have seen the emergence of a new generation of people who surf the Internet only with their phones. 

Indeed, the mobile has introduced people to a new era of consumption by offering them a way to tell their stories and experiences.

Discover in our article the benefits of mobile and its impact on the consumer society.


  • People spend an average of 1.7 seconds with a given content on the mobile phone.
  • Nearly half of American adults report checking their phone 30 times a day
  • 3 out of 4 smartphone users choose to customize their home screen applications
  • 3 of the top 5 most used applications in the United States are photo, video and visual


Generation Z and its mobile connectivity around the world

In the latest “Ruptures 2020” series Facebook IQ shows the evolution of the Z-generation’s relationship with mobile connectivity around the world.


– Exclusively on mobile

A new global generation is on the rise. This is the “100% mobile” generation. This is the time to analyze the behavior of these people who connect only on mobile and the emerging countries in which they live.

Facebook data highlights the importance of mobile: 96% of people in South Asia and 97% in sub-Saharan Africa connect to the platform on their mobile device every month.7


– Everything is getting connected

The original purpose of the Internet of Things or Internet of Things (often known by the acronym IOT) may have been largely based on their novelty. However, as more and more objects become intelligent and connected to be both useful and simple, people’s interest is likely to continue to grow.


– Converging commerce

The purchasing process is more complex than ever. But thanks to the smartphone this process becomes much simpler.

As people around the world spend more and more time on mobile devices, the mobile will continue to develop as a single point of attraction for people to shop online. Such convergence is giving rise to a notable phenomenon: shoppers will use mobile to consolidate, or even merge, their shopping journeys into a single, unannounced moment.

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The advantages and disadvantages of mobile


– Faster navigation

More than one in three buyers in the US would like to make more purchases on their smartphone. However, one person in two says that slow browsing or too long a loading time is a hindrance, which is why 40% of people who visit a website give up after waiting three seconds.


– Smoother journeys

90% in the United States say that a smooth payment experience would encourage them to buy from the same vendor again.


– Payments made on a mobile device

More than one in three online shoppers surveyed use mobile payments.


Personalization is an expectation:

Three out of four North Americans surveyed chose, recommended or paid more for a brand that provides a personalized experience or service.

Also, nearly one in two said they would boycott any activity with a brand that repeatedly provides a poor quality, impersonal or frustrating experience.


Changes for marketers

The attractiveness of subscription-based services continues to grow, especially with artificial intelligence (AI), which allows providers to learn about people’s tastes and offer even more personalized, relevant and enjoyable services.


– 63% of respondents in Nigeria, South Korea, the United Kingdom and the United States expect AI to free up their time by taking on daily tasks.

– 44% are even interested in taking a sensor the size of a pill that transmits information about their health to a phone or computer.


– Capitalize on the collapsing funnel:

Seek to simplify your consumers’ shopping experience by moving from three-step to one-click payment. To do this, place “Buy” buttons in strategic locations and rethink your ads as “targeted showcases”.


– Subscribe to a new loyalty model:

Since members who subscribe to e-commerce sites tend to spend more money than non-members, the benefits of subscription services are obvious to consumers and sellers alike. To do this, think about where your business and consumers can benefit from subscription opportunities.


– Look to the 100% mobile trend and emerging markets for inspiration:

Emerging markets are home to many Y and Z generations and have a tradition of outperforming the rest of the world. Their mobility-driven innovation can serve as an indicator for future behaviour. Their approach to innovation (being creative beyond constraints) may be what our changing world needs.


“As people navigate across different mobile platforms, it is now crucial to find relevant concepts that are perfectly executed to grab the public’s attention and align brands with their audience in a way that creates real value.

Andrew keller – International Content Art Director, Facebook.


Source: facebook/business/news