A new Google trick discovered thanks to the last Avengers movie

google avengers

For TV series and movies fans, the month of April has been filled with emotions! With the launch of Game of Thrones’ last season and the Avengers’ last chapter: Endgame, the film industry has been in full bloom and social networks have been (and still are) mainly monopolized by these two events.


Even though you might be (such as I am) part of this small population of indomitable rebels that still holds out against the invaders that are Game of Thrones and Avengers, you can’t deny that the news feeds of your social networks, Facebook, Instagram or Twitter, haven’t been invaded by these events. As word-of-mouth is circulating at full speed nowadays due to digitalization, there must be at least one of your friends or fan pages that has post something about one of these topics.


However, Internet users were not the only ones to participate in the buzz of these two phenomena. At Eminence, digital marketing agency, we noted that Google too engaged in a marketing action regarding Avengers: Endgame, and in a fun way. Didn’t you notice it?


Okay then, let’s go! I am going to explain you how to find this Google trick. In the Google search bar, write “Thanos” (do you need a clarification here? Thanos is a character from the Avengers’ movies who thinks the planet is overcrowded and therefore randomly kills one out of every two person randomly) and then press “enter”. Done? Then click on Thanos’ hand in the box’s description at the top right of your results to discover the new Google secret…


But what on earth is happening to your page’s results? Well that is Thanos’ act; he randomly deletes one out of every result because he thinks there are too many results on your page!


Well believe it or not, this is not the only Google trick that exists on the famous search engine number one in the world! On the contrary, there are abundant tricks and Google games on this search engine!


Just like our digital marketing pioneer agency Eminence, Google has understood that creativity is essential if it wants to continue generating interest among its Internet users in order to encourage them to keep on using its services. From “simple” optical effects to small games or even useful tips, Google shows proof of a lot of imagination to surprise its users and continue to generate traffic to its search engine.


Some of the Google games and tricks to discover:


  1. How about playing a trick on your colleague thanks to a simple Google trick?

Who doesn’t want to make a little joke to their colleagues in order to relax the atmosphere when times are complicated at work? Thanks to this Google trick you will send your colleague into a cold sweat (still, don’t let him panic too much J). Just wait until he leaves his workstation a few seconds and discreetly type the word “askew” on his search engine so that the content of his Google page is displayed all wrong. Did you have a good laugh? Come on now, tell him the truth before he calls the company’s technician to have his computer fixed.


  1. Back to the first arcade games with the Google games:

Are you feeling like going back to the early 70s and 80s with the first arcade games? Google has set up many online games that you can access easily and quickly:


The block-breaking game:

Who has never played the game of breaking the brick wall with a small ball and racket? Thanks to this Google game you can easily access this famous game online by going to Google image and type “Atari Breakout“. Now you’re ready to break some bricks! J


Packman :

From kids to grown-ups, many have played or are still playing this famous game. Search Google by typing “Packman“, then click on “I’m lucky” to get online access to the famous game of your youth!


  1. A hidden Google secret that will help you hang on when your Internet connexion doesn’t work!

Who is not exasperated when their Internet connection does not work? Once again, Google is here for you and is trying to give you some moral support by offering you a little Google game to make your waiting easier J. Before I explain you how to proceed, I must warn you that this game might be simple in its composition, but is quite addictive and will probably drive you to voluntarily disconnect your Internet connexion in order to play it. To enjoy it, press the space bar on your keyboard when you see the message “No Internet access” on Google Chrome. It will launch the Google dinosaur game, which only requires the space bar to play it. Rather simple, but entertaining, isn’t it?


  1. Will you be able to save the content of your page before the “Os” of Google destroy it?

Do you know the famous Starcraft video game with its little aliens the “zergs” who devastate everything in their path? No need to panic if you’ve never heard of it, I will still tell you where the Google trick is in this case J. In your Google search bar, type “zerg rush“, and then press “enter”. Just wait a few seconds to see a lot of zergs appear from all sides of your screen in the form of Google’s “Os”. Hurry up to destroy them all by clicking relentlessly on them before their eat entirely the content of your page results. Up to this day I’ve never managed to destroy them all before they eat the content on my screen… will you be able to do better?


  1. A Google tip to help you in your search for university sources:

Either final academic work, newspaper article or blog, for any redaction you will need reliable sources for writing your content. The revelation of this Google trick will make your future researches easier by filtering the results that will only display university and academic sites, meaning only articles from reliable sources. To do this you will have to write in the Google search bar the following composition: site: edu title: “the topic of your redaction. Here we go, thanks to this simple but very useful Google tip, your academic research will now be easier.