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Facebook just bought the Face Swapping App

You can’t miss it. It’s almost all over your facebook feed. From unknown to very famous people everyone seems to use it. I find it rather creepy. Anyway so you know Facebook has now bought the very popular Face Swapping app Masquerade, also known as MSQRD, to compete with Snapchat. The price is for now undisclosed….Read more here.

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New LinkedIn feature for marketers

You may be missed it but it’s a really specific new tool dedicated to marketers. To use it you need to be customers of its Sponsored Updates and Sponsored InMail.  This feature allows any marketers to target profile. I know it doesn’t sounds very new as LinkedIn already had a similar feature but this one as a marketer you could send highly relevant content and messages to professionals that matter most to your business.

2016-1-March-LinkedIn Marketing


Instagram blocked the “Add Me/Follow me” feature for certain other website

Were you using this feature? You could add one of your other profile of another website within the Instagram app. Not anymore if you intend to add your Snapchat or Telegram  profile in the “website” section. Instagram has blocked those two social media. It sounds a bit complicated? Just read the rest here.




A new social app for elderly people.

Thai students created a new app for elderly people. The app basically works as any social network except it fulfils their need. For example the app includes features as “where am I” that will give them directions if they get lost or if they need to call any of their contacts in case of an emergency. “OLDSTER” will be available on Android (It is not the app that makes you look old). Hopefully it will be available soon on iOS too. If you know any elderly person complaining about how complicated apps are, introduce them to Oldster.