Case study

Bodyline - SEO

The context

With the help of Eminence, Bodyline Center optimized their SEO whilst keeping in mind the following three key objectives:

  1. Making the website more ergonomic
  2. Improving the website user experience
  3. Collecting website user data to understand their behavior
The results
70 %

Increase in traffic

74 %

Increase in the number of sessions

-2 %

Bounce rate on mobile

47 %

Increase in conversions

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Client presentation

Bodyline Center is a slimming institute located in the heart of Geneva, on the Rue du Marché.  Bodyline Center is an elegant, modern and relaxing space that offers innovative treatments. Using the latest technologies and equipment, the center caters to clients of all ages who wish to lose weight. Bodyline offers a unique and professional experience to its customers. Always seeking to satisfy their needs, the center offers expert nutritional advice and techniques that are adapted to each clients’ needs.


01. To improve the mobile user experience and interactivity of the website

02. To import all the content from the current site into the new one

03. To maintain the current SEO positioning

04. To optimize the website’s loading time

05. To collect data for retargeting and cross data purposes

06. To boost the online conversion rate

07. To implement a reporting system that streamlines the analysis of the new data collected

Our strategy


  1. URL mapping
  2. SEO migration
  3. Blog migration
  4. Ensure that the graphic design is in line with the business objectives
  5. Integrate the new design into the website
  6. Develop website functions
  7. Set up and integrate the customer’s CRM
  8. Update the tracking plan on Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager
  9. Test, validate and deploy the website

The strategy:

Our SEO specialists decided to keep the same URLs from the previous website so as not to lose the current website ranking on search engines. We imported the content using the WordPress export and import tools. Our web development experts improved the ergonomics of the website by proposing a new page structure that offered a more fluid and user-friendly navigation on the website. Eminence’s strategic team defined and implemented several “call to action” buttons to increase leads and increase the online conversion rate. Our creative team adapted the design of the new website to fit mobile devices, in order to meet Google’s new mobile policy. In addition, our tracking experts set up tracking links on the new website to analyze users on Google Analytics and Data Studio, providing the client with monthly performance reports.  Lastly, we implemented Facebook Pixels to collect data on website visitors and understand their behavior. This allowed us to then optimize both social media and Google ads.

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