Push and Pull Marketing in 2017

Push and pull marketing

We have all heard of push and pull marketing, but recently, there has been less of a push. Just to be clear on these, push marketing is advertisements, promotional offers and emails all filling email inboxes with content- That is all being pushed to the client, somewhat unwillingly. This is wasting both your time and the company sending it.

Instead customers are wanting content that they feel is specifically targeted for them, making them feel unique and offering them something they are genuinely interested in makes the world of difference and therefore find themselves being pulled to your website and products.

push vs pull

Digital Marketing pull techniques

Pull marketing is the goal of successfully pulling the customer towards your product or business – or also known as inbound marketing. This helps brand loyalty and encourages customers to keep returning- whereas Push marketing is more angled towards a short-term sell.

These days, there has been emphasis placed on content marketing, which according to a study done by The Financial Brand (2017), 29% of marketers say that they will focus on content marketing and producing relevant content in the coming year. Realising that this method boosts engagement and helps build trust with a brand rather than sending endless information to the wrong people.

This is whypull marketing is mainly a web based approach with plenty of call to actions to get your prospect to land of a relevant and interesting page for their needs.

In terms of customer engagement, it really does take a lot of hard work to see the benefits. But be patient! Pull techniques are longer term and customers will eventually take action without having to be prompted. However,pull marketing can fail if not done properly, base your content on the type of customer you want to attract.

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Push techniques in marketing

We have all fallen victim to push marketing at some point. Whether it’s buying that product that has a limited offer, or buying a product at a marketing stall or exhibition as you feel you are getting a good deal?

The strategy for push marketing is finding a way to place your business or product infront of the customer., this could be radio, TV ads, print or any type of paid advertisement.

So, now you know what push marketing is, which channels are used to implement it? Well, mainly push channels begin offline, for example direct mail. Something that directly takes the customer to your store or website to redeem the offer.

For push marketing, engagement can really work if done correctly, but only if you send the right content to the right prospect. If a business failed to do their research on the customer beforehand, it can really damage a company’s reputation.

Why you need both

Successful companies realise that both prospects and existing customers equally need to be addressed, but by different channels and strategies. Push and pull work together in order to guide customers to your website page through the use of relevant offers or content for each stage of their buying cycle.

At Eminence, we are a digital agency that recognise the differences and importance of bringing the right people to your site at the right time through content and a range of channels to place your name at the forefront of their minds. Visit our website or call a member of our team to get started on how we can help generate sales.