Real estate agency: Visibility and recognition for your website!

Nowadays, the search for a property on the internet has become a habit among consumers or even the first reflex and this research community represent a significant percentage. One of the most essential issues for a  real estate agency that wants its traffic to grow and optimize its visibility on the Internet is to successfully complete a SEO process and get good positioning on search engines.

To build its reputation, an estate agency must undertake two essential axes:

  • The website referencing of a real estate agency:

Before you even talk about strategy and technics, we must consider   design. To set up a process of SEO requires that the website design is optimized. For this, Eminence gives you some tips:

  • Create an attractive display with photos of your high quality properties. Having optimized images improves ranking on Google images. Always remember to rename them with relevant keywords.
  • Have a nice graphic design and the colors that will encourage visitors to stay on your website. It is necessary that the user can recognize you and live a good user experience.
  • Design a page for each type of properties. This development technique used to reference each type of property and optimize the search time of the visitor who can find the desired property in maximum 3 clicks. Google will also have better readability of your website.

Once your real estate website is designed, a little SEO strategy takes place in order to make the website visible for the users and increase your traffic. If you want to promote several properties you can set up a paid referencing action.

  • Real estate agency: presence on social networks:

Whoever is your target, individuals or professionals, they are all present on social platforms. So if you want to increase even more your visibility and notoriety, the establishment of a social media strategy is needed. Furthermore, your products and your properties fit perfectly with the social world as a real estate agency will highlight its properties (villas, dream house, apartment for a couple, open-space …) and what better than images in order to persuade.

  • More original ideas:

Implement an SEO strategy on a good basis develop social platforms, is used to trace its way to the visibility of its online real estate agency but is it enough to succeed?

what  is a successful advertising without an attractive tagline? What is a poster without an attractive image? What is the interest to communicate if we have nothing to share? You will understand, gain visibility and notoriety through communication in the digital world we talk about content marketing. We must attract  the user so he can  visit you through the website of the agency or communicate with you via social networks.

Today, among the new real estate trends 2.0, we speak of emotional design, that is to say, “How to create a real estate website which gives desire? ”

Here is an example of  a New Yorker  real estate agency “Urban Compass” with design and photos that expresses the joy with  emphasizing  slogans like “ a home you love” a strong message that may incite you  to discover the offers of the agency:

real estate agency Here is their Instagram profile, where they emphasize the visual side of the agency:

real estate instagram

As you can see, the agency is not seeking to sell properties but to share its passion for real estate with its community, and taking into consideration the number of followers, we realize quickly that it made a big impact; this means that it has gained in visibility and notoriety.

As you see, the most important is not just to be present but to know how to hit the target and  communicate with them. Its al about the content marketingEminence, your digital marketing agency and specialist in Inbound Marketing, will respond to all your requests, don’t hesitate and contact us!