Reinforce your brand image with Instagram

Reinforce your brand image with Instagram

With more than one billion active users per month, Instagram is one of the fastest growing social networks. This increase is the result of three main factors: the success of Instagram Stories, growth in the number of direct messages and the launch of new products such as IGTV.

Indeed, several brands are already using Instagram to reach more audiences and drive sales. However, the companies and influencers that now reach large audiences were not necessarily known at the outset.

So, what types of content are Instagrammers most interested in, particularly to develop their affinity with brands?

Indeed, Instagram users prefer entertaining content over produced content. They like to communicate and interact directly with brands, and appreciate being given news and information from influencers in a variety of areas. Content related to cultural or interest-based events helps to strengthen ties and interaction with clients.

To engage your key audiences on Instagram, you need to understand what Instagram users really expect from your brand to create your content.

– Interesting content is more effective than the brand name.

Stories are most effective if you are looking to produce authentic and natural content through the interactive features found in Instagram stories, such as polls and Q&A’s, while the News Feed is a format used to view the latest brand news and bring the community together.




– Authenticity: the key to take off

Exposed to an increasing flow of information, the Internet user will look for content that speaks to him or her and is authentic, so that he or she can identify himself or herself. Having a strong identity on the web is no longer just about selling dreams.

You should show personality to create humorous ads or share short, playful videos to inspire the Millenials.

– Find the right message for your audience

By keeping abreast of new trends and the interests of Instagram users, marketers always have the opportunity to connect with their audiences.

As a result, they can ensure relevant and interesting content that engages users for greater engagement and visibility. The goal is to obtain important information about what motivates their clients in each market.




– Share your backstage for more credibility

Internet users like to know how your products are made, to discover your team members and the daily life of your company. To do this, feed the passions of the instagrammers in the Instagram Stories by sharing the atmosphere behind the scenes, showing them exclusive photos of your new products and services. You can also use storytelling to tell a story about your offer and brand to connect with your community. Feel free to encourage your audiences to feed their passions by creating exciting content.

– Create content suitable for mobile devices. 

Producing mobile-friendly content is all about seizing the opportunities and overcoming the constraints of mobile devices to deliver the most effective and satisfying experience for users.

Instagram is a great place to build community and showcase your brand assets. Make your content interesting and action-packed by creating short, relevant and platform-friendly ads.


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