SEO: The Checklist you need to have in 2015

The Checklist you need to have in 2015


Google rules have always been clear. Rules in SEO never change, Google only updates its algorithms for more security and better optimization. For that, it is very important for companies to be aware of every new facts or tips.

We identified in only one year many changes in Google’s algorithms like in Pigeon which now awards relevance to different geographical areas, locations and geo-tagging.

This infographic, will help you to handle the search engine optimizations the best way because within it are best practices for the SEO you need to know for 2015.

If you would like to learn any additional information about SEO or if you are interested by establishing a great strategy of SEO please don’t hesitate to contact us. Eminence can offer you an analysis of your SEO approach and advise you for a wider digital marketing strategy.

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