Super bowl ads

Super Bowl Ads–not just TV advertising, but so much more!


On February 5th, the SuperBowl aired to millions all over the world, it’s not just a game, where football players battle it out to win pride and the nations support for their team. It’s important to think about the platform it provides for brands to advertise their products. Advertisers shell out over $5 million to secure a 30 second spot in the commercial breaks of the game. What better platform to share your brand with, than a channel that has over 112 million viewers at one given time? But brands are also risking their reputation as the pre-game and advert teasers have just as much buzz around them as the actual game itself.

In a market full of big names all competing for a slice of the advertising pie, the importance of having a strong narrative is more imperative than ever. In order to reduce the risk of falling flat, companies are increasing their spending money in order to create hype around their advert in the weeks leading up to the big game. It is said that brands shell out a further 25% of the cost of the ad space on additional sneak previews and social media buzz to generate a positive response on the day.

So what are the stats for this year’s advertisements?

According to, Fox are charging up to $5.5Million for a 30 second advert! That is almost double what they were charging in 2010. However, this doesn’t top the big names like Microsoft, Kia, Jaguar and Budweiser who have allegedly paid up to $12.4 million for a position in the most sought after spot in the advertising world!

In this year’s Super Bowl ads, audiences have witnessed brands such as Skittles, Mercedes Benz, Wix and Snickers, create fantastic buzz after millions of viewers watched on Sunday evening.

The Super Bowl places great emphasis on the importance of how all other elements of your digital marketing plan need to work together in order to create enough hype to fully market yourself when it comes to the day of launch.

This includes Social Advertsand Google Adverts (SEA) across all platforms to engage and to educate your audience in order for them to interact with your social media pages and direct them to your company website.

Ensuring your SEO is fully optimized onsite and offsite, making sure that searches on google show your company website on the top 3 organic searches above any other competitors.

Email marketing and mobile marketing, informing your market about your new offers and services which can be tied with a sneak preview for subscribers of the advert that will be shown during an event (such as the super bowl). If you have that much cash to be advertising on prime-timeTV, that’s great, if not, then you will need to make sure your digital strategy is on point.

At Eminence, we work between all digital marketing channels to fully optimize your online presence, from building an effective website, to handling your big data. Our digital specialists in Geneva work as an extended arm to your marketing team and work with you to ensure you achieve your KPIs.