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Eminence, your Digital Web Analytics agency in Geneva

Today, the market for Digital Data Analysis is continuously growing and poses a major strategic challenge for many businesses.

Eminence, your web analytics agency in Geneva, can help your company to face this challenge. Eminence can provide your business with access to multi-level data thanks to its Web Analytics services which include: descriptive data analysis, statistical data analysis, and predictive data analysis, also known as data mining.

To provide you with reliable data – that will help you to improve your strategy and increase your qualified website traffic – our experts will collect and analyze all the data from your website and other digital touchpoints (e.g. your social media platforms). This analysis will be based on an overall tracking plan, jointly developed, and based on your business objectives.

However, prior to this analysis step, it will be necessary to know what behaviors your visitors adopt on your different channels, and what information you want to collect on them. A marketing analysis and organic referencing (SEO) analysis will also be undertaken to implement a pertinent Web Analytics strategy. This will allow your company to optimize all its online services, so you will not miss any related opportunities.

Do you wish to set up a web analysis strategy and achieve your business objectives effectively?

How does Eminence set up a Data Analysis Strategy?

There are many Web Analytics Tools available to measure the performance of your website, such as Google Analytics, Adobe Analytics, Webtrends, and Digital Analytics. From this, we can define the most relevant tools to help you clearly identify what strategic decisions you need to take.

Our experts at Eminence will help you to identify the most profitable sources of traffic on your website, so you can optimize your conversion rates and marketing actions.

Here are the key steps we take to analyze your data:

Step 1: Define your KPIs and Web Analytics Strategy
The KPIs that we will define together depend on your marketing and business objectives. These KPIs will help us to measure the performance of your web marketing actions on your different platforms (website, social networks, apps, etc). This monitoring is crucial because it allows us to define and implement your Web Analytics strategy. From this, you will then be able to gather accurate data that can, in turn, contribute to optimizing your performance, according to the strategic objectives of your company, and based on the behavior of your website visitors.

Step 2: The Tracking Plan
Our tracking plan setup includes the implementation of tags (snippets of code that connect your server to the tracking tool) from the Web Analytics solution on a website. Our tracking teams draw up a list of key performance indicators and objectives to monitor. We will identify which variable to implement and where, to understand at what point in the conversion funnel, element X is triggered and what variables are associated with it. Our teams can diagnose the key areas and elements that your company needs to focus on to remove friction from the user experience and analyze the drop-off points in the customer journey.

Step 3: The Audience Analysis
Through an analysis of the data and information collected from your online visitors, we can identify their profile and what interests each of them in terms of your products or services.

Step 4: Monitoring, Recommendations, and Reporting
The global dashboards that we use enable us to collect and monitor data from multiple sources and channels. We can provide you with a real-time relevant report using our Data Studio tool. This means that you can monitor and track the performance of your campaigns, website performance, and social media channels at any time. We will also offer you valuable insights and recommendations to improve your content, digital strategy, and customer journey.

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Why choose Eminence as your Web Analytics Agency?

Setting up a solid web Analytics strategy helps your company to identify and better understand your audience. This in turn can help you to improve the efficiency of your online marketing, and to increase your conversions. Data Analysis consists of sorting and sifting through huge amounts of data to make connections and have a global vision of your different digital touchpoints. You can also analyze and identify your audiences’ different behavioral patterns and even anticipate any problems.

Eminence, your digital marketing agency in Geneva, provides your business with experienced digital data analysts who will be able to define the most appropriate Web Analytics strategy, to help you to increase your qualified traffic and also your ROI.

Our data analysts can identify subgroups within your target audience to deliver relevant and personalized content. With the help of our analytics solutions, we will be able to collect consumer insights and obtain key data insights about your audiences, so that you can take relevant strategic decisions for your business.

An effective analysis strategy requires properly implementing a data collection platform. We are at your entire disposal to turn your digital presence into a valuable asset for your company.

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