Why you need to incorporate Instagram

Why you need to incorporate Instagram ?


Mobile Application launched in 2010, bought by Facebook, Instagram now has over 400 million users and allows to instantly share photos and videos with the community.


At the time of 3.0 marketing and development of social networks, Instagram has become an indispensable tool for your digital strategy: the visual and the persuasion.

Why be on instagram?

  • First to be visible: integrate key words using the famous # will allow you to create and develop your community and quickly gain followers sharing your company’s interests. Become a community manager and your target will be defined!
  • Then to communicate easily and effectively with users / consumers:

– Through comments, mobile users can share publicly with brands and other application users. On the other hand, the development of Insta Direct will allow you to chat instantly with the user. A thorough study of these uses will allow you to better understand the psychology of your target.

– To promote your products or services, you can publish video showcasing your benefits through appropriate storytelling strategy. Also facing a hungry community information, news, and tips, feel free to publish pictures of your live events, or organize quizzes.

  • Finally to give a new dimension to your brand: the recent arrival of the advertising format on Instagram opens a huge market. Users will now see your ad in their news via sponsored pictures or videos. From social network to market network, Instagram announced recently in its blog Business “to be expanding its advertising offers” hoping to include “action-oriented formats” such as buttons “buy now” “install now” … Incessantly, Instagram promised more targeting capabilities and said it will be “easier for small and large companies to buy advertising on Instagram.”

These new perspectives suggest opportunities for exceptional conversion rate that should convince you easily … because figures are always more persuasive than visual 😉 !

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