Personalize your website for you customer

Personalizing your website in real time to visitors and giving the right information in right time increases the conversion. You can segment your website users, promote and give relevant information and content for them. Use site personalization tools and techniques in your website that support the best your business and adds value to your customers.

The personalization tools:

IP address Geolocation; your website adapts to your visitors language and you can choose the services visible for different countries and areas.

E-Merchandising Organize and display your products or services on your online shop based on the online behavior of the visitor to increase sales.

Smart form; Electronic form helps your customers to contact you faster and easier

Cross-selling; Put on your website different cross-selling techniques to increase your sales.

Personalized messages and recommendations based on previous behavior.

 personalization tools

Example of IP address Geolocation: A visitor from Spain sees the website in his language and products available to order in Spain. A visitor from Switzerland sees the same website in his language and different products.

 personalization tools

Example of E-Merchandising: A person is interested to buy a yellow leather bag. She writes in Google ‘yellow leather bag’. After she visits accessory company’s website and the website offers her yellow bags from their collection in the main page of the website.

Advantages of personalization website in real time

Personalizing website in real time is increasing trend and companies are starting to see the results of using these techniques in their website. It creates customer loyalty, increases website visitor conversion and cross-selling opportunities.

54 % of marketers using web personalization get a significant ROI within months*(Neolane Marketing Survey, 2013)

Only 2 % of marketers doubt the ROI *(Neolane Marketing Survey, 2013)



M.I., International Account Manager in Eminence