12 efficient tips to boost your X-Mas E-Commerce Business

X-Mas E-Commerce Business

The cash never rings sweeter as during Christmas time…

…right now, it’s the perfect moment to boost your online shop and make it “X-Mas ready”!

Eminence, your national and international Digital Marketing Agency has some precious tips for a successful e-commerce around Christmas time.

  1. Engagement with recognition value

The time before Christmas means, high season for everybody, in particular for all marketing departments. In order to animate your clients for a purchase, you must score with creative campaigns. This means not only the creation of web banners or ads, but also establishing re-engagement campaigns, which should bring back customers in the online-shop.

With an attractive and adapted design, which reflects seasonality and the recognition of the brand, your target audience can be animated for purchasing in your online-shop.

  1. Reduce the stress of searching for a gift

During the festive advent season, a lot of people are in a stress to find the perfect presents for their family and beloved ones. It is here in particular, where web shops can score and reduce the effort for the shopper. The motto of your online shop should be; “As simple as possible, as convenient as possible and as quick as possible”.

  1. Increase the speed of your online shop

In particular, during the last days before Christmas you should consider more traffic on the website of your online shop. Don’t forget to optimise in due time the loading time. There is nothing worse for your clients, than spending their time with waiting during the pre-Christmas rush. Check out if the loading time of your online shop is fast enough on Google Page Speed.

  1. Use SEO strategies

It’s important to optimise your pages and content to ensure that people will find your store when the Christmas shopping craziness arrives. Make sure, you use the right keywords and utilize them for your headings, title tags and meta descriptions of pages. Avoid keyword stuffing, instead use keyword variations.

Don’t forget, 53% of your users are shopping for Christmas on their mobile devices. Therefore, remember to optimise your mobile experience too. In order to have full benefits, make sure that your SEO strategy is in line with your Social Media Channels.

  1. Social Media channels

Use social share buttons for Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and/or Pinterest to make your products also visible for the public.

In particular, Pinterest is very efficient to bring traffic to your Christmas e-commerce. We recommend to create your own Christmas Pinterest Site and also to place a “Pin-it” Button next to your products in your online shop. This allows your users «to pin» your products and to increase the shareability of your online shop.

  1. Plan your stock

Your stock levels will fluctuate during the festive season; therefore, you should ensure you have a backup should you run out of certain products. You can also give your customers an option to sign up for an email alert, which will notify them when the products are available.

  1. Keep in touch with your clients

Offer to your clients additional possibilities to get in touch with you. A free of charge hotline or a voice assistant during Christmas season is not only a nice service but is also helping your clients with their purchase decisions and questions about your products.

  1. Decoration

Decorate your online shop festively on your landing page and create Christmas feelings with a nice dressing. Be creative with the choice of your motifs and carefully take into consideration the matching of the styling with your products. Some nice motifs could be baubles, fir branches, candles and reindeers.

  1. Christmas discounts

We recommend addressing to your potential clients tailored emails, discounts or advertising campaigns (Google AdWords). Furthermore, you can convince your clients with specials, like free of charge delivery, promotional codes, vouchers or free samples. With regards to the forthcoming Christmas celebration, users are much more willing to buy and in general don’t hesitate to put several products in their shopping basket. In particular gift cards are very effective to give to your buyers – usually shoppers spend 40% more than the gift card’s value, which means extra revenue for you.

  1. Price comparison portals

Bargain hunters are always searching for the most favorable price of a particular product. Price comparison portals like Google Shopping, Shopping.com or Amazon Product Ads are very popular and can bring additional traffic to your website. A positive assessment of your products and your online shop will have a strong influence on the purchase decision of your consumers. In this context, don’t forget to keep your product information always up-to date.

  1. Think ahead

Why not using the seasonal Christmas advantage and already make provisions for the future? In the confirmation email your client receives after its purchase you can already announce a limited discount for the next purchase in January. This will allow you to increase your turnover in January, which in general is not a sales-boosting month.

  1. Don’t lead your clients up the garden path

Nowadays, clients want to shop no matter what time or which place they are. For this reason, a client oriented and mobile e-commerce marketing in during pre- and Christmas time are very important. Competitive prices and offers, individual and mobile optimised processes, fast delivery and problem-free return are the most important factors to be attractive as an online shop.

Keep in mind, that success is more than the sum of the number of clicks. Enable for your clients also a joyful online shopping experience. Eminence, your national and international Digital Marketing Agency can help you to boost your e-commerce business and to increase your ROI with a thoughtful audit and a tailored strategy for your company or brand.
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