8 exciting web design tips and trends for 2019

The Internet is fast moving and permanent in development. Every year, new web design trends are introduced to meet the current needs of the users and to react and take into account trends from fashion, design and architecture.

What is new, what remains and what you should integrate in your web design strategy?

Eminence, your local digital expert has collected some exciting trends, we recommend including in your web design strategy 2019.

  1. Speed and performance

More a basic principle of a well designed website than a trend are speed and performance.

Speed is getting more and more important also because of the Mobile First revolution. The faster a website is loading, the better the user experience. We can observe that web designers, more and more frequently renounce memory-intensive media in order to enable a faster use of the website. Long scrolling websites, which have all necessary information on one scrollable site, are gaining points, as the user only needs to load one page and not several subpages. The general principle is, “less is more”. Also bear in mind the performance of a website has a direct influence on the user-experience.

  1. Micro-Interactions

Micro-interactions are a trend in the UX-design. Selected user interactions are supported with small animation effects, for example with a like-button, a user click with motion effects or the vibration of a smartphone. These are details, which matter for having a unique and special user experience. If you want to realize micro-interactions you can find some creative animations on https://www.awwwards.com/awwwards/collections/animation/.

  1. Dynamic background elements

Websites with high-quality and unique image and video content stand out from the crowd.

A significant trend for the web design in 2019 is the use of dynamic background images, graphics or/and videos to create emotions and shift the visitor in the desired atmosphere.

  1. Scrolling

When it comes to Mobile First, one of the most important developments in this context is the transition from click to scrolling. Design concepts such as infinite scrolling or the parallax effect are very popular and will remain a trend in 2019.

  • Infinite scrolling: This technique enables the website visitor accessing new contents by scrolling instead of clicking. As soon as the end of a paragraph is reached, the next one follows immediately. Social networks such as Facebook or Instagram are using this method already for a long time to present their users’ content with continuous news feed. The infinite scrolling is also popular for Blogs. If you want to fresh up your website with infinite scrolling you should bear in mind the following aspects:
  • Individual URLs for each subpage
  • No overlapping contents
  • The visitor needs to find easily the respective elements
  • Quick loading time


  • Parallax effect: Also this technique is not a brand new trend but still matters. As the individual levels of the website move at different paces, an effect of depth perception is created. Ideally the website offers besides the movement effect also a “Call to Action” for the visitor. The Parallax scrolling is an excellent combination for interactive story telling. A great example is the website http://everylastdrop.co.uk


  1. Personalised user experience (UX)

Web content, which is tailored to each target audience, is one of the basic principles of modern web design. In particular in e-commerce, the choice of content and their presentation should be adjusted to the needs of potential clients.

An exciting web design trend of 2019 is the personalised website, where the content is shown as it corresponds to the usage practices of the website visitor. Spotify, Netflix or About You are great examples for personalised websites. They tailor their products, services and presentation directly to the needs of their users, which means the user hardly ever see the same choice of products than an other one and this already on the home page of the respective portal.

  1. GIFs

The online communication in 2019 won’t take place only over text and images but also over a variety of GIFs.

GIFs (Graphic Interchange Format) are animated images and you can find them in particular on many social media platforms. GIFs can be found on various libraries, for example on Giphy. GIF data are quite small and they play automatically so that the seamless user experience in the web is not at risk.

  1. Chatbots

A chatbot is an artificial intelligence software, which can simulate a conversation with a user in natural language through messaging applications, websites, mobile apps or through the telephone in real time. You are sending a message to the chatbot and immediately you are receiving the answer. No download is required before.

Thanks to machine learning algorithms, chatbots can be personalised. For the user it creates the impression of a human employee, who is able answering questions.

Chatbots are mostly used as virtual shopping assistants or as an alternative to the classical FAQ sector.

  1. Card-layouts

An other web design trend affects the style of the content, namely the card-layouts (or also card-based design). This means that text or image based content are presented in several boxes, which are regularly spread over the user interface. Consequently, the website is structured more clearly and appealing. The card-layout became popular in particular through Pinterest.



The catchword of the web design trends in 2019 is interactivity.

In addition, websites should be created even more user friendly and allow the user having a quick access. The objective is establishing a responsive web design for all devices. High quality images and background elements, as well as individual fonts are giving your website a personal touch. It’s more important than ever to reach out to your visitors personally and emotionally.

Are you about to fresh up your website for 2019? We can help you to build up a thoughtful strategy from A to Z, by defining first your target audience and then step by step implementing a creative and persistent web design to reach your objectives and stand out from your competitors.